Pennzoil vs. Quaker State

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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey

I have seen bits and pieces regarding this on various threads, but I would appreciate some once and for all information on this topic...
Pennzoil is supposedly better than quaker state. But why? Is the base different or just the additive package?
Does QS have moly in it, I know pennzoil does.

I have used alot of pennzoil, i got my first vehicle right aroud the time they were first advertising their purebase oil, so it was the first stuff that has been usedm abd has been for the most part, since. I like the oil a lot n(more since I have found this site), and for a 3k oil chnge, the way I use the vehicle which is filled with pennzoil, I dont think I could ever feel safer with any other oil, even a synth.

But I would really like to know what are the real differences between the two oils, in, say a 5w-30 weight.


Quaker State oil has to be the least mentioned oil on here (out of commonly available oils) and I for one would like to see more UOAs on it, just out of curiosity. It's hard to say how it's quality is without any UOAs.
exactly... It is widely available, at a middle price point between mobil, exxon, and the cheap house brands, and the expensive dinos like GTX and pennzoil. So it would be interesting to see if from an additive package standpoint it is a good deal high end oil, or an overpricd low end one...
At normal dino oil change intervals, probably UOLs will give good results for most any oil but there always is some degree of quality overall that can differ, and Id definitely like to know where QS stands in the mix...


It's absence on these boards is remarkable given that it's the second best selling dino oil in America. I think Johnny's comments about QS have been right on, but his high degree of knowledge has made a lot of people appreciate just how good an oil Pennzoil really is. Wish we had more oil reps posting on this board, his insights are an excellent way for Pennzoil to market to a knowledgable base-- not that they or QS need any help.
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