Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 10w-30, 5.7L 3UR-FE , 2016 Toyota Sequoia.

Aug 27, 2003
Backstory: we bought this 4x4 Toyota Sequoia SR5 almost 2 years ago with 194K miles, It was owned by a company that repaired x-ray machines, they drove it a lot but it appeared to only have a driver inside, interior was immaculate. and had no wear accept for the drivers seat and the very back where machine were loaded in and out. the miles hurt its resale value and we got it for a song.

last winter we moved 2,700 miles, and it towed a 11,000# enclosed trailer (rated for 7,000#) that was the previous OCI that was also PUP 10w-30, vehicle calls for 0w-20.

On very cold starts I get a brief momentary light knocking noise, it was almost never heard in the sourthern climate we came from, I was afraid there might be a bearing issue, and I switched at this OCI to PUP 0w-20 for the winter, that seams to have lowered the temp this noise appears and shortened it, so I am thinking 0w-20 is correct for a 45th latitude winter, given the excellent wear numbers in this report I am guessing the knock is something like the timing chain slap until oil pressure comes up and actuates the chain tensioner. (hopefully!) vehicle operates mostly in the Colombia basin and surrounding mountains, its high/cold desert, in the last year we have seen from -16 to 117 Fahrenheit. though most days are far more temperate, fairly dry climate so moisture is not much of a concern. my daily commute is only a few miles and it does not fully come up to temperature, but we are far from most stores and at least every few weeks at the longest, it goes into town for shopping and gets fully up to temp sometimes for hours depending on where we need to go to.

<my name>: We read your notes about the heavy towing and intermittent knock. We're pleased to say, then,
that <vehicle name> looks good in its first round of testing. The wear metals all look great compared to the universal
averages, which are based on the 5.7L Toyota engine after 6,500-mile intervals. If the noise you're hearing
is causing any excess wear, it certainly isn't apparent here. There isn't any contamination from fuel dilution,
water, or coolant to contend with and we do think you'd be fine to try longer intervals (assuming the noise
doesn't worsen). Try 7,000 miles.

miles on oil: 4,981
miles on unit: 218,294
sample date: 11/16/2021
0qts make up oil

                      average       PUP VOA (5w-30 i could not find a 10w-30)
ALUMINUM     2          3             0
CHROMIUM     0          0             0
IRON         5          8             0
COPPER       0          2             0
LEAD         0          0             0
TIN          0          0             0
MOLYBDENUM  83        105            89
NICKEL       0          0             0
MANGANESE    0          1             0
SILVER       0          0             0
TITANIUM     2          3             0
POTASSIUM    1          2             0
BORON       58         46           251
SILICON      6         16             6
SODIUM       5         29             2
CALCIUM  1,053      1,599         1,080   
MAGNESIUM  752        445           758
PHOSPHORUS 626        674           694
ZINC       713        776           753
BARIUM       0          0             0

                                        PUP VOA (5w-30 i could not find a 10w-30)

cSt Viscosity @ 100°C    58.7           58.3
SUS Viscosity @ 210°F     9.84           9.72
Flashpoint in °F        430            450
Fuel %                    0              0
Water %                   0              0
Antifreeze %              0              0
Insolubles %              0.2            0.0
TBN                       N/A            8.1

So obviously I am quite happy with this report, even the already low silicon turns out to be from the oil, curious where the titanium came from?, are there titanium parts in the 3UR-FE? this is actually a 3UR-FBE its slightly diffrenct to accept E-85 "flex-fuel" that I do not use. i think the diffrences are mainly in the fuel system and engine management. other question is the loss of boron, that may be a 10w-30 / 5w-30 difference? or possiby reformulation? or was it consumed?
It looks like the block and oil were happy being together and you ruined it by draining it early.
It looks like the block and oil were happy being together and you ruined it by draining it early.

:ROFLMAO: That did turn out to be a very happy arrangement!

I was confident in running a 10w-30 in a "0w-20" motor through the spring summer and fall, there was FUD about running it into our cold winters with potentially -10s in our near future. weather it would be OK I will never know as I dont have the huevos to try it.