Pennzoil Ultra 5w20 - 4,425 miles - 2014 Mazda 3

Oct 30, 2010
100,000 mile celebration UOA for your viewing pleasure. ;) :cool:

OIL Pennzoil Ultra 5w20 Synthetic MILES IN USE 4,425 miles MILES on unit 100,537 SAMPLE TAKEN 03/28/2021 Make up Oil 0 Universal Average based on 6,000 miles ALUMINUM 2 4 CHROMIUM 0 0 IRON 5 10 COPPER 1 2 LEAD 0 0 TIN 0 0 MOLYBDENUM 66 150 NICKEL 0 0 MANGANESE 0 1 SILVER 0 0 TITANIUM 2 5 POTASSIUM 3 1 BORON 85 82 SILICON 3 12 SODIUM 5 22 CALCIUM 2246 1530 MAGNESIUM 52 459 PHOSPHORUS 775 666 ZINC 839 759 BARIUM 0 0 Values Should Be* SUS VIS @ 210*F 51.6 46-59 cSt @ 212*F 7.76 6.0-10.2 FLASHPOINT *F 405 >385 Fuel % Antifreeze 0.0 0.0 WATER 0.0 INSOLUBLES 0.2 TBN 5.1 >1.0 TAN 3.2

Pennzoil Ultra & Flush.JPG

I pulled this sample, then poured in the Motul engine flush, idled for the recommended 15 minutes then drained it and poured in the Pennzoil Platinum.

Went for a 20 mile spirited drive and then came right back & drained it. :oops: 😲

Poured in the Ultra. 😄 😁 A little excessive maybe but I wanted to get any residue flush out and start off with a fresh sump. I later dumped the Ultra after 500 miles in favor of another oil that I want to experiment with. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I'd say thats a hellova 100k "flush" wouldn't you say? Haha.

100k mile UOA.jpg
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Here's the UOA of the 15 minute run of the Motul Engine Flush. I decided to sample it just to see how it would change the results. Never used any type of flush additive on this engine since new and probably won't ever again. I just don't see a need for these products. The engine is spotless with just regular maintenance.

Engine Flush.jpg
Artem, have you noticed any decrease in engine performance? Have you looked at the intake valves for carbon buildup??
Artem, have you noticed any decrease in engine performance? Have you looked at the intake valves for carbon buildup??

Hey Buster, negative on both counts. Runs perfect. No noticeable decrease from any stand point. 👍🏼 I hope it stays that way. I still need at least 2 more years with her to meet my 10 year plan (5 years to pay it off and then enjoy 5 years of no payments)

I initially planned on pulling the manifold @ 100k to check on the valves but… that hasn’t happened yet, along with my 8 year and 100k of ownership review. I’m so lazy and just can’t find the time. Family always seems to come first and then it’s back to work on Monday 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤷🏻‍♂️
Can a moderator please correct the "Code" for the data table. It was showing up perfectly fine in my Preview :unsure::(