pennzoil synthetic $2.00/qt at kmart

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Feb 1, 2003
palm beach
i duno if anyone cares, but pennzoil full synthetic is only $2.00 a quart at your kmarts. it comes in (i think) 5w30 10w30 10w40 for $2.00 its like almost as cheap as a good dyno oil like castrol gtx. theres no reason to run dyno is synthetic is $2.00
Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out. The local K-Mart is closing so they may have other stuff on sale. While I'm there, what do people think of the Penske oil filters? I've heard they are made by Wix.
Penzoil Synthetic? Even though it says Penzane is not Penzoil "Full Synthetic just "full Group III dino?" Thanks and correct me if I am wrong. I thought Mobil 1 was the only on the shelf type PAO/Ester based Syntehtic/
Groucho, Not meaning to incite a riot here [Smile] I just morally detest Castrol Syntec for what i believe is thier false marketing. To see it sold as the same price as Mobil 1 (and yes Quaker State, Valvoline* are nearly same) it makes my blood boil. Its an apple vs oranges issue with one clearly being superior and chemically/physically different from the other. I wish most consumers (such as those that are not part of this board) knew the naked truth behind Group III "synthetics." By the way...Is Valvoline group III as well?
yep, and valvoline has the worst additive package too. No moly in their oils at all, and zinc and phosphorus are pretty weak!!!!!
I'd just assume use Chevron Supreme SL or Havoline for about $1.00 - $1.20 a quart than spend even as low as $2.00 for Group III "synthetic". The very best of the Group II+ regular oils seem close enough for 99% of applications that you'd just be "splitting hairs" anyway. Even though the price difference of about $1/quart isn't that big a deal for me, it's the marketing principle. I look at it more as, 'there's no reason to run $2 group III regular oil, when you can run nearly as good $1 Group II+ regular oil.' Conversely, if I had an extreme application(turbo, high-load towing etc.) and I was REALLY on a budget, I might really warm up to $2 Group III oil.
guys theres 2 pennzoil bottles at kmart in the synthetic variety. one says synthetic blend, and the other just sez synthetic. in my original post i only referd to the "synthetic only" bottle of pennzoil. i dont know if their group 1234 or 59 but **** i mean for $2.00 who cares what it is, we all know its atleast worth the asking price of $2.00. i mean for that price i might as well run synthetic in my lawnmower pressure cleaner and anything else. i could use it as chain lubricant for $2.00 a quart. the also have exxon super flow in various weights for $1.00 a quart. and other good deals, really good deals i forget what the rest are though. the penske and castrol oil filters are $1.00 each they are indeed made by wix, and are of good quality. it seems kmart is clearing out of alot of brands of automotive stuff, more things could go on sale too. i noticed anything by pennzoil was really cheap. theres some motorcraft filters too. i went there originally looking for oil filters on the cheap, based on a post i saw in this forum. i brought with me all the numbers of the filters that are compatible with my cars, even other sized filters that would still work. i didnt find a **** one:( i t seemed some other people got there before me and cleaned it out, there was probably 60 filters left of 15 different sizes. if you go quick maybe your kmart still has the ones you need. one last thing, penske and castrol oil filters use the fram numbering system, so that will make it easy for you guys to find the filters you need. they just remove the 2 letters in the numbering system, and only use numbers.
Anyone actually seen a recent Virgin sample of Synpower? I haven't seen an SL rated one, which is Group III, while the SJ was PAO. Tough to say the additive package is weak when there are no results to look at. True, no moly, but then Chevron doesn't run any either and that is considered a "good" oil. I had a very good result with what many would've assumed to be a weak oil running 5w30 Durablend. It would be nice to see more results! IHMO, if its a group III around $2 a quart, thats OK. $4 and up is not good. It seems like you can't find Penzoil, Castrol, etc for much less than 1.75 a qt anymore anyways (at least around here)
I check 2 Kmarts is the last 2 days and the Pennzoil Synthetic was regular price. They seem to be fazing out all Pennzoil. I had a raincheck for dino Pennzoil for 3 months and they never got any more in. Walmart has 5 quarts jugs though for $6.80.
A lot of the anti-group III rants obscure the fact that IMHO $2 a quart is a very good price. Probably all group III oil should sell for $2, but for the most part it doesn't. I'd take it if I saw it. I assume the Wal-Mart price was for dino rather than the (quasi) synthetic.
At K-Mart in Portland the 100% was "ON SALE" @ $3.99. The High Mileage was "ON SALE" at $2.18. They had no Semi-Synthetic on the shelves nor was there a space (nor inventory price tag) for it. The house brand was $0.99. Havoline is on ad @ $0.99. Penzoil 15W-40 SL/etc. LongLife gallons were $5.78 I returned the MaxLife I was going to put in my SVX in an attempt to correct a slight seal leak since what I've read on this board concerning Valvolene's OWN published advice not to "switch" back between MaxLife & AllClimate leads me to believe what they are really indicating is "Use this or LOSE it! (any potential seal/leak improvement, that is)" [No no] [Eek!] [Confused] I'm almost to the point where I'm considering the LongLife 15W-40 for all my vehicles (except my ZX-11).
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