Pennzoil Plus synthetic blend at Big Lots?

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Jul 2, 2005
DeKalb, IL
Has anyone ever heard of this stuff? It's available in 5w-20 and 5w-30, SL and GF-4 rated. I've seen Pennzoil synthetic blend at Walmart, but it's usually labeled "4x4" or something like that. I suspect that it's part of a load of outdated oil that Big Lots purchased from another store at an extreme discount. And yes, it's $1.79 a quart, which is a pretty good deal for synth blend. What do you folks think? [I dont know] I was thinking of picking up 9 quarts or so for my '99 Accord 2.3 litre, which runs well on SL oil.
As you noted, it may be the previous generation. (Are you certain it said GF-4 and not GF-3? If it said GF-4, then it's technically SM. Blenders were permitted to sell it, but were prohibited from listing it as SM in the API "doughnut" on the back label of the bottle until November 30, '04 when the SM category was officially launched.) Should be a good fit for your application, but in my opinion Pig Lots should price it closer to $1.19 at this point since Wal-Mart sells Motorcraft Synthetic Blend for about the same price and it's definitely SM. Wal-Mart also sells Phillips 66 TropArtic Synthetic Blend SM for around $1.29/qt. It's VERY similar to Motorcraft since ConocoPhillips makes both. (SM is backward compatible in applications that called for SL.) [ September 09, 2005, 07:02 PM: Message edited by: Ray H ]
Good point. I can get Trop-Arctic 10w-30 for 1.24 and 5w-30 for 1.34 at Wally World. In addition, they're opening a new Dollar Tree and I am hoping that they will stock some of the Trop-Arctic for 1.00, even though most Dollar Trees seem to be out. And yes, the Pennzoil probably was GF-3, which, as you pointed out, Ray, would be OK for my older Honda. I was just curious if anyone had ever seen this stuff anywhere other than Pig Lots.
Yeah, I did when it was current - at Wal-Mart for around the same price (maybe a dime or 15 cents higher). Don't count on Dollar Tree Stores and TropArtic being an item anymore. (Think of the relationship as a brief affair of convenience, not a stable marriage.) Looks like when present stock is cleared from Dollar Tree's distrubution centers, that's it. ($1.24 is still a very good price, so grab some before Katrina's aftermath* fully sets in!) *ConocoPhillips' principle Group III offloading terminal is just offshore from New Orleans in the Gulf and it's out of commission for the foreseeable future. The company will be offloading the Group III base oils it purchases from Korean S-Oil on the east and west coasts and bringing it to their storage/distribution centers for customers and internal use. The price of these base oils and finished oils from ConocoPhillips' customers have to increase from the additional transportation costs alone. Katrina b****-slapped us bigtime.
I've seen some excellent Big Lots deals the last year or so. It started off with AC delco syn blend for .59 a quart, then Kendall syn blend for 1.59, now the Pennzoil. I wonder what Dollar Tree's next oil will be, first it was Citgo then Trop Artic, I'm hoping Havoline. All DTrees near me have been out of oil for about four months.
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