Pennzoil Platinum..... vs..... Pennzoil YB & Wear

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Jan 18, 2003
How come in general it seems like Pennzoil YB seems to have slightly better wear numbers. Than Pennzoil Platinum in the UOA section. Is this a product of the base oils used?

Admittedly I'm splitting hairs here since they both seem to be producing excellent wear characteristics. Just curious.
Depends on the interval and the application. In most PCMO apps during modest (<5k) drain intervals, YB will look on par with PP. Only in extreme conditions or during extended drains will you start to see a difference.
Your post shows the inherent problems of trying to interpret UOA's without the proper context. UOA's are only one part of the picture in engine wear analysis, and as a stand alone tool are of limited use.

If Pennzoil Platinum has more cleaning additives than Pennzoil YB, as they claim, then is it not plausible that these extra additives are keeping wear metals suspended in the oil, rather than being deposited in the engine? If this were the case would you not prefer the oil with the extra additives? Again, I said before, drawing firm conclusions regarding engine wear from UOA's alone, and without the proper context, is unwise.
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Could it be related to the homogeny of the PP GrIII hydrocarbons as opposed to the diverse chains of hydrocarbons present in the YB GrII?

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