Pennzoil Platinum vs. German Castrol.

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Mar 2, 2006
Mid-West, USA
Well, just for a new subject....What do you guys think about PP's euro performance vs. GC? I am just curious if anyone has a breakdown of the PP that could compare to the GC. Also, has anyone ran both the PP and the GC with different outcomes?
I suspect it is a version of Shell's European Ultra which, if true, puts it well behind GC in my opinion. While I am typically a Euro oil over US oil, in this case I think pre-Shell American Pennzoil was a better oil...just my opinion.
Just replace GC with PP this oil change. All I can say is, new PP is quieter than old GC (7000 miles)...not a significant finding. I'm sure either oil will protect fine for 7000 miles in my car (suggested OCI 7500 miles for "normal" service, which is what I do, 5000 of those miles were highway).
it is very hard to find Euro PP, if you do find it any you like it you can either tell us and risk losing your supply or be mean and not tell us
Well, I can't find PP Euro anywhere. I thought I would purchase some today....but I guess not. I would like to try it, just to see if I can notice the difference from it to GC. I am currently in the ARX with dino. So, it will be a few months before I go to the GC.
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