Pennzoil Platinum 5w-50

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Dec 16, 2005
Iam just curious I bought a case of 5w-50 Platinum at NAPA yesterday for .28 cents a quart after the two rebates. The problem is I can't find any info on it besides it has acea A3/B3. I only have 6qts and need 6.5 for my passat OCI. So since I can't seem to find anymore what should I use to make up the last half qt?
I'd personally use the thickest non-Euro Pennzoil Platinum I could find. Based on the web site, that would be 10W30. [1]
I'd avoid the Euro versions because their chemistry doesn't match the rest of the Pennzoil Platinum line. Of course, that assumes 5W50 isn't a "Euro" style oil.
By the way, which NAPA did you hit?
I'm in Akron...
Are you 100% certain it is 5W50 and Pennzoil *Platinum* ?
Could it be one of the older Pennzoil synthetics?
I can't even find that weight on their US website!

There is a posted data sheet for Pennzoil Synthetic 5W50. I could not find any member of the "platinum" family in that grade - not even a Euro Platinum.
Agreed, no Platinum 5W-50 listed. Euro 5W-40 the closest.

Pennzoil's corporate cousin, Quaker State, has its new(ish) full synthetic "Q" with a 5W-50.

(And I think Castrol used to carry a 5W-50 synthetic, don't know if they still do).
You can still find plenty of Castrol Syntec 5W50 on the shelves, but the bottles don't match current Syntec labels. My assumption is that it is selling slowly and thus aging on he shelf. My understanding is that both Pennzoil Synthetic and Castrol Syntec in this weight are Group III based.
Tom 76, I found it at Wyan Auto Parts on wooster rd. here in Barberton. It was the only case.

It for sure is the PP. I will try to post a picture.

So it would be ok to add .5 qt of the 10w-30 PP?
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