pennzoil platinum 10w30, how cold?

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Jul 18, 2011
so this is my first post, a month or so ago i got some pp at napa for like 3.92 a qt but its 10w30, and was wondering with MN winter coming soon how cold of temp would i be able to use the 10w30
what is the vehicle in question and what does the owner's manual call for? minnesota gets pretty darn cold i imagine so i would think a 5w or 0w would be best, but, again, what vehicle are we taking about?
the pp should be just fine. Ideally you would want a 5w30 or 0w30 for the winter but your 10w30 will do fine. If you have any doubts, just pick up some 5w30 and save the 10w30 for your next oil change.
I'd say down to single-digit temps. Below that it will work but isn't optimal. Remember that 10w30 was the norm for YEARS. Before that, 15w50 and 20w50 were very common too...and they were very early synthetics.
According to the OMs of the two Hondas, 10W-30 is okay down to 20F. According to the OMs of the two Subarus, 10W-30 is okay down to -4F. According to the BMW's OM, 10W-30 is okay down to -22F. What kind of car do you have and how cold does it typically get where you live? Is the car garaged overnight? 10W-30 was the standard oil for a number of years before 5W-30 came along. A 5W-30 would likely be preferable, but a 10W-30 would probably be okay.
I understand that an oil is ok to use down to +20F above the pour point, so if the pour point of the oil is say -40F, you should be safe down to -20F.
it would be going in a 04 jeep liberty 3.7 with 220k and 95 explorer with 155k,they both call for 5w30, The jeep sees about 3000 miles a month, so maybe ill use it for one change in the jeep then go to a 5w30 in December and save the rest of the 10w30 for the spring. o and the PP is the older SM
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