Pennzoil Long-Life Reduces Consumption?

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Aug 10, 2003
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Well, here's the thing: I recently changed the oil in my truck from Delo 400 to Pennzoil Long-Life (both 15w-40 of course). With Delo, consumption was very noticeable (never calculated how much, but definitely a good amount). Now if you take a look at the Long-Life spec. sheet, they say one of the "benefits" of this oil is it "helps reduce oil consumption". Heck, here's a quote from the Pennzoil webpage: "PureBase® and Pennzoil’s unique Long-Life® additive system that provides a shield against all forms of wear to help extend engine life, reduce oil consumption and provide consistent oil pressure for thorough engine lubrication." After making the switch to Long-Life, the consumption on my truck has been significantly less. I can't understand why this is though...what am I missing here?? By the way, it still blows a good puff of blue smoke on startup, so obviously I'm still using oil (yeah bad valve seals [Big Grin] ), but not nearly as much as when Delo was in... [ October 20, 2003, 03:04 PM: Message edited by: Jelly ]
It worked for you and will, hopefully, continue to do so... Ain't it nice when something delivers? I've used it for years (now) in both my gas Mercedes and have seen little in oil consumption using 5K oil & filter changes. The "Why?" is not as important IMHO as the fact that it is working for you: not gonna' change because you don't know the "Why?", are you? Regards!
Yes, it is working well, and no, I don't plan on changing, but this oil is reducing consumption over Delo, and I'm very curious to find out why this is happening.
I can't understand why this is though...what am I missing here??
Wild guess ... Delo 400 15w40 vis 15.11 cSt @ 100C; Penz LL 15w40 vis 15.95 cSt @ 100C. Edit: I was looking at viscs in the VOA section of the board but I got them reversed. Penz showed 15.11; Delo showed 15.95. Sorry. [ October 21, 2003, 04:20 PM: Message edited by: doyall ]
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