pennzoil home brew

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Jun 1, 2002
well, after the last oil sample i thought i'd go for something a little different. since we don't have enough data from home brew, i'd thought i'd kick some in. i emptied the mobil 1 at about 4800 miles and sent it in for analysis, then reloaded with 2 quarts pennzoil synthetic and 2.25 quarts of pennzoil purebase (all 10w-30). i will be sampling at 5000 miles, then pull the oil or leave it in depending. if that sucks, i'll just keep sampling different oils and posting analysis. what the **** , it's all in the name of science. [Cheers!]
sorry beat ya to it.... [Big Grin] Well not exactly. But I got the 50/50 thing going! Pennz LL and Amsoil 15W-40 are in now. I think they are mingling just fine in a nuptial kinda way....
pablo, yer my hero - in a non-nuptial kind of way. i had some coupons for pennz, so i started here. hopefully this works. [Happy]
I just did a drain and put in a mix of Delvac1300 15w-40 and Mobil1 5w-30 at 4:1. Unfortunately for the wait (but fortunately for me [Big Grin] ), my commute just got cut in half (was 82 miles/day) so it'll take a bit longer to rack up a decent OCI. Dave
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