Pennzoil High Mileage oil.........

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Nov 11, 2003
Hey there, I am running an old 93 FORD TEMPO 2.3L 4Cyclinder. 112,750 miles so far. Today I replaced the oil/oil filter and tranny fluid IE: check tranny forum. I had the oil changed at a quick lube since I was in the process of traveling. I do not like people touching my cars. The things I used here were 4quarts out of the 5quart jug. A fram X2 oil filter. I will say the car does run quieter and smoother. Of course, most cars do after a fresh change of oil. I used the 5W30 since I am going back to North Dakota here in the next 5 days. I will say I used a little more oil since the X2 filter is an over-sized (Extended OCI) one. I will keep you all posted as to how it holds up. I have used Pennzoil for SEVERAL changes and I have ever had a prob thus far. My $0.02 Slade [ December 05, 2003, 06:43 PM: Message edited by: Slade ]
You know it's funny because I have never seen pennzoil HM Oil in Ontario before. Is this a US thing only?
HM oils is what SL rated oils should be like. Are you sure 5W-30 dino would pump in ND winter? You might take a bit of heat for using Fram when you can get ST filters for $1.99. It shouldn't hurt your engine....just your wallet [Wink] [Off Topic!] Has that Tempo given you any trouble? Isn't '93 their last year? They sure have a bad reputation. I can usually spot one on the side of the road broken down [stretch] Rick
Originally posted by Last_Z: HM oils is what SL rated oils should be like. ... Rick
I agree. I hope that this will be true when the next oil comes out (likely with less zinc and phosphorus than is in SL oils). But my wish is that high mileage oils were SJ with about 50% more zinc and phosphorus than the SL oils.
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