Pennzoil Full Synthetic question

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On the surface, it looks as if it would be a contender.

Only oil analysis and trending would tell us for sure.

I do know their Marine Gear Lube is 100% synth. And their labelling appears to be forthright.
It gives me a whole new view of the company.
I believe that Johnny said it is now a Group III "synthetic" for which there are others at around that price.
"Our 5W40 European formula is a PAO."

Yep but is not doing us any good over here!

Can you pull some strings?
dragboat: It's here. Has been for a couple of years. You just can't get it at Wal-Mart. At least not yet. We have a large distributor there in Oklahoma City, I think their name is Commercial Distributing or CDI. Call them, you can buy direct.
Johhny,great news but I cannot find a spec sheet at the website on this oil,can you lead me towards it please Sir? Can't offer Molson like Patman can but can offer Budweiser
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