Pennzoil Filter Question

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Feb 23, 2009
A question about this one-(A cartridge filter(didn't even know that they have one!) PZ-58 It's made in the USA....but looks like a Wix. Anyone knows who mkaes it?
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Is there a country of manufacture on it? Wix has a facility in Poland and Baldwin has one in Korea...
Made in the USA.
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Aren't their spin-ons made by Purolator...maybe theirs?
That's what I'm thinking...though it does look diiferent than the puro classic.... I just thought it was strange...
I've got a case of PZ-2's from 2 years ago and they are just Frams in disguise. May or may not be the case with all the filters they sell.
The cartridge filters may or may not be a Purolator product. It's really hard to tell by looking at them compared to the canister filters.
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