pennzoil, et al.

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Dec 14, 2002
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i seem to recall some threads praising pennzoil for a number of reasons... However, doing a search, I can't seen to find them. So, I would like to list comments regarding pennzoil and a few others (all regarding SL 5w-30). I hope that this can help us to sort out strengths and weaknesses of various mainstream oils, based upon real analysis done and shown here and other online forums. Ill start with these, any additional oils or comments on my omments would be great. With a listing like this, it is an additional guide to help make a choice on what oils to use in our cars (Maybe someone wants to start one like this for synth or diesel oils) My starting comments are here:

-really good base
-really good cold flow properties
-tried and true
-nice does of moly

Castrol GTX
-pooreer coldflow properties
-overall one of the best oils in terms of wear #s
-moly added
-tends to thin out aroud 2k

-good base oil
-good cold flow
-high quality oil for the price
-no moly, but wear #s seem to show that it doesnt need it

mobil drive clean
-good additive package
-flows well cold
-very very slight moly

All in all, for the most part all the oils will yield similar performance and wear numbers in standard dino intervals (3k miles). Any other comments on these?
Currently I am using Mystik oil. Can you let me know if you find out if it is a good oil? I started using it because three mechanics I can think of, living and dead, told me that it was good. I think you should take a look at Valvoline oil also, since on this web site a lot of guys seem to feel it is not so good. I always thought it was good and I used it. People on this web site are also really big on Shaeffer's oil. I hardly ever see Quaker State mentioned-is there a problem with it? It would be hard to take a look at every single motor oil, since there are so many of them, but the major ones need a look. Also, big question, with all of these oil company mergers, how is that going to affect the competition? Another big question-apparently American motor oils don't compare with the best European motor oils. Why?
Comment on Mobil DriveClean: It seemed to reduce my oil consumption in 1986 Isuzu Trooper 2.3. No smoking anymore (I just need to get that leak fixed, if I can find it).


I've had very good luck with Pennzoil in quite a few rigs. None of them burnt oil, stayed clean and the UOA were good for a under $1 quart oil (onsale price which is all of the time).

My Ford Taurus was running Kendall oil and would smoke on start up. After the 2nd oil change of Pennzoil, it stopped.

Just my 2 cents.

I've never used Mystik motor oil, but I ran their gear oil in my old Volvo's manual transmission for over 20 years, & the rear end for over 18 years. Never a problem with either one. The shop foreman at the oil-field trucking yard I worked at way back then considered their gear oil the very best- this was in 1975-1976.

Here locally, some long haul truckers use their motor oil & won't use anything else. I'd be interested to see analysis on your Mystik oil when you change it.
i know its not totally related to mobil drive clean but i do get better gas milage and alot better cleansing. o and it stoped my consumtion
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