Pennzoil 5w20 and Longlife 15w40

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Jan 15, 2004
St Cloud USA
I made a home brew today of Pennzoil 5w20 and 15w40, I figured it would be about the 10w30 range with 3 quarts each. I plan on having an UOA in 3000 miles. Oil pressure is at or slightly above the previus fill of Pennzoil 10w30. I am interested in the added Moly and boron of the 5w20 and the zinc,phosporus and calcium of the 15w40
Long Life 15W40 has about 180-200PPM of moly already. More moly than any other Pennzoil motor oil ... before the 5W20 came out. --- Bror Jace
Yes,but I need something thinner for my Rig than a 40 wieght. I would love to find some Longlife 10w30 in my area but I cant. 5w20 is 40% group III And seemed to thin the 40 weight down some.
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