Pennz Plat sale @ 3.99 thru Feb

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Jan 8, 2006
Rochester, MN
I've been lurking for a couple weeks and finally decided to register and participate. Great site with tons of info, although much of it is way over my head. After much reading, I was set to start using either M1, Pennz Plat, or Castrol Syn. (depending on prices) and either PureOne or Wix filters, as well as regular doses of MMO or Techron. Hopefully these things will help with the longevity of my "fleet". I stopped in to the local (Roch, Mn) O'Reilly's/Bumper to Bumper store today and they have Pennz Plat on sale for 3.99/qt thru February. It looks like a Pennz sale, not just a store sale and no rebate hassle. I'm not sure how widespread this chain is or if other chains are running this sale, but I couldn't pass it up. Unfortunately they only had 6 qts. and I took them all. The manager said he'd order as many cases as he could, but the warehouse only had 8, so.... we'll see. Anyway, thanks to everyone for the helpful posts. Sorry if this isn't as "to the point" as a post should be. I look forward to more great info.
I've found the Platinum stuff at Wal-Mart on a regular basis for $19.97 for a five gallon jug. It works out to about the same $3.99 price. Johnny: is their coffee really that good?
Thanks for the big welcome and couple thumbs up on using the Platinum. Question: will the additives/detergents in the synth. oil help clean up anything that might have accumulated through use of lesser oil on a 38k mile Saturn 4 cyl. or should I put in a little MMO? On a side note: I'll be changing the oil myself in my Saturn for the first time. I was quite surprised when I opened the box of the Wix oil filter. I know it is a cartridge, but had never seen one. I assumed it still looked more or less like any other oil filter, but holy crap. I thought I had accidentally been given a big air filter for my lawn mower. Basically just plasic top and bottom and pleats. I'm assuming the rest of the "structure" is built into the canister on the car. Thanks again... between this site and (how I found BITOG), I've learned a ton in the last few months!!!
I personally would not put any MMO in the Platinum. dkryan: [Off Topic!] again. I think it is. I use whole bean and I buy 3 - 2 lbs bags at a time. I get their American Roast.
wagsg: do you have any idea as to the prior maintenance on this car, i.e., when the oil changes were done (mileage interval) and what oil was used? I agree with Johnny. I wouldn't put any MMO in the Platinum. The oil should do some "cleanup" over the next few oil changes. Take a look under the oil cap and see if there's any sludge. Also, take a look into the fill hole and see what's in there, if anything. Unless you find sludge on the cap, I'd continue to use the Platinum and have a UOA done at one of your OCIs. At some point down the road (pun intended), I'd consider using Auto-Rx and non-synthetic oil for one "wash" and one "rinse" cycle, then go back to the Platinum. Johnny: Thanks!
dkryan: I purchased the car w/11k mi. and have had my mechanic do the oil changes when the OLM called for it (usually around 4k mi) using his Valvoline dino. I did check in the fill opening last night and other than some discoloration (varnish?), it looked pretty good. I did top off w/MMO because I'll be changing oil in approx 200 mi. and figured it couldn't hurt. I also put some Techron in a new tank of gas. Hopefully I'm on my way to many trouble-free miles by taking better care of my vehicles.
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