Pennz High Mileage 5w-30

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
Just put this stuff in my car. Seems like a winner. There is only one UOA report of it, and it did shear to 60 as per the UOA. It starts out at 12 Cst., so it seems like it ends up after shearing as a regular 5w-30 starts out. I'd rather it shear to 60 than like 55-56 that a lot of dino 5w-30s end up. Also did the infamous freezer test
and it looks to surpass regular pennz 10w-30, even though it has a 6 degree warmer pour point (-27 for HM compared to -33 for regular 10w-30).
Pennzoil High Mileage 5W pour point could be wrong. On the 10W30 High Mileage both Pennz and Quaker State have the same pour point, but on 5W30 Quaker State -42f and Pennz -27f.

I've email Pennz twice and still no answer. The test in my garage at -30F will tell me.

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No, this is a 94 Corolla. I ditched my Grand Am slapper a while ago for other issues in addition to the engine sounding like it was going to grenade! The 5-30 HM did make it quieter upon startup (Corolla), even the first startup after the oil change. Seems like a winner for moderately cold climates.
i used penz high milage in my accord. 10w30 to be exact. it ran nice and quiet....stoped an oil seepage leak too...this is my second oil change with some new PHM.

yet after this, im going to go back to chevron supreme and make chevron a dedicated oil for all my cars (just gives me less trips to the store).

i have a 1991 honda accord with 178k.
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