Penn Platinum is 2.50$@advance auto.

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Aug 20, 2003
Advance auto is running a sale buy 6 quarts Penn. Plat. get 15$ mail in rebate. so WITH tax it was 14.92 for 6 quarts.. I now have 24quart stash... wow I have joined the ranks of the oil hoarders... [LOL!] just fyi its limit 1 offer Per Address... This is true for the ohio advance auto not sure about elsewhere Rand Note: I wasnt sure if this was the right place for this topic.. if it should be in another place please move it.
And you don't get the sales tax back on your rebate amount. The government makes sales tax revenue TWICE from that rebate check you receive. That sales tax comes out of your pocket. Twice.
Not if you live in the great State of New Hampsha [Happy] I don't mind waiting for the rebates especially on the Pep Boys one where it breaks down to like pocket change per quart after the 2 rebates...I don't think it will ever get that low retail [Wink] You can find the 5W20 Pennz Plat at Wally World Goose [Patriot]
If they offered instant rebates taken at the register, 100% of the purchasers would receive the rebate. If they offer a mail-in rebate, sometimes the return rate is below 50%. This is all part of the marketing strategy when mfrs and retailers offer consumer rebates. Research shows the rate of sale between rebate types may not be too different (depends on product, market segment, rebate size, etc). You offer the rebate to 100% of the buyers but hope less than 50% actually submit the rebate form.
Screw mail in rebates. I tend to say this too. Best Buy never sees my presense simply due to everything that they sell has a price dependant on some 3rd party rebate clearing house making good on a claim ..and they always take their time on getting my money to me. By the time the money shows up, the same product is typically already discounted to that amount anyway. Just sell the stuff cheaper to begin with ..or make it an instant rebate. I don't even care if I'm bored. This would never be one of my hobbies. I do admire people who can actually cope with the extremely delayed gratification on these things.
And you don't get the sales tax back on your rebate amount. The government makes sales tax revenue TWICE from that rebate check you receive. That sales tax comes out of your pocket. Twice.
Quote: Topic: Penn Platinum is 2.50$@advance auto. After saying I would never step into another Advance Auto because of their lousy rebate system, well... I lied. With this rebate, I am making copies of even the envelope & stamps I'm sending too. [LOL!]
Howdy, Just found this site and this is my 1st post. I have Penn Platinum in my 2003 GMC 5.3l w/70,000 miles for the last 5,000 miles - nervous since I never go over 3,500 without a drain. I love it and the engine runs quieter with it than the GM oil that's been in it. Good stuff IMO. Anyone else like it...?
$2.50 a quart is really good deal if the rebate thing works out! Computer stuff by far has to be the worst with rebates though. Aaack. Enough to make you crazy. A little bird once told me that when manufacturers offer extensive rebates on their products (I have seen stuff @ Office Depot that is free "after mail-in rebates") they are trying to artificially inflate their sales records (to drive up stock prices or whatever).
If you still have the original receipt, cap rings from the bottles and UPC code from the box, then get yourself to a PB and ask for the Pennzoil $10 rebate form so that you can lower your per quart cost an additional $1.6666666. [Big Grin] Don't know about AAP, but the $15 rebate is good through this Saturday at PB.
CORRECTION: You don't need the UPC from the Platinum's box. What you do need is the UPC from the box of an oil filter whose purchase is required in order to qualify for this rebate. Sorry for the confusion. The question is if the oil filter must be purchased at the same time as the Platinum. It doesn't specifically say so, though it does say to mail in the "...original cash register receipt with purchase date and purchase prices circled...". So, may the filter be purchased separately? [Confused]
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