PEA with nitro-alkanes ? What is this in layman ?

The website claims it help clean the combustion chamber but I believe that is more on PEA effect, the product is said consist of organic Nitro compounds such as Nitromethane, Nitroethane, 1-NP combined with proprietary ester. The price may not make sense somewhere else, but here the different between high octane and mid grade is about 70c/liter and this give the same effect like putting high octane gas plus extra cleaning. The only worry is what the long term effect, because it seems may produce acid as byproduct.
My curiosity keep digging more info on this additive, seems the patent is registered here:

There is a write up on their test:


Hope someone with chemical/tribology background can help to decipher on the benefit and risk of the formula.
The effect so far is unbelievable, faster acceleration and response, quieter and smoother engine, etc but I am just worried if ends up risking like chlorinated paraffin in engine oil in the old days
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