My college student employee version of PDR (Painted Dent Removal):
Oh, this is as good a time to tell my PDR story as any. Keeping it short this time:

I closed the 60 foot, bi-fold hangar door on my Jag X-Type. The roof caved in, the tires flattened and the rims bent. I was so angry I punched the roof from the bottom and it popped up and I drove the car home. I pushed the door jam back up with a floor jack and some pipe and wood. I called various PDR guys to look at it to see if they could "knock it back into shape" so at least it would be usable. One guy said yes. He started out drunk and 6 hours later, he was sober and the roof looked fantastic!!!

He used a long stainless T rod with a golf ball on the end. Tied a rope around the top of the door as a fulcrum, window open, headliner out, and went to work. The door jam was still creased at the top despite my pushing it back into place with the jack, so he drilled a few holes, and used a punch to carefully work it back into shape. That also came out really good.

At least you didn’t close it on the airplane!🤣