PCV breather mod

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Nov 29, 2002
I did this mod to my truck in hopings for improved response and better mileage. The truck does run smoother, does seem to have alittle more ooomph. I probably could've used a catch can but.....????????????? anyway. The only downside of this mod is the oil smell at idle. It is not strong but the smell doesn't bother me. I actually rather like it
The mod only costed me $20 and some odd cents for both filters and a 90* vaccum hose to adapt to the PCV hose. The red filter was the easiest. The picture below indicates where the old vaccum line used run into the throttle body and the plug where I plugged off alongside the orange adaptor for my FIPK.

The blue filter is for the PCV hose. This is where I had to buy the 90* adaptor hose. I didn't want the filter just dangling around in the engine so I zip tied it to the bracket. I would've used both red filters but AZ only had 1 left so......... The cool thing is when the engine is hot, if you pop the hood you can see the filters venting steam from the crankcase. Looks like an old steam engine
I will have to clean the filters from time to time which is no biggie. I'll have to find out the correct procedures for properly cleaning them. Thus far, I am happy with this mod and I would reccomend it to anybody.

To sum it up, it's basically the same principle as a catch can only the vapors and residue are being vented to the atmosphere. Here is a pic I took. Sorry for my engine being so dirty
I need to clean it once temps. reach above freezing,,,,,,op
If you like the smell of crankcase fumes so much, you could also put a couple big hoses over your filters and route the contaminated air right into the climate control.
The old cars I used to own had a "walking stick" breather down to nearly the front cross member (I note some local busses appear to have the same).

They changed to PCV to improve emissions (hydrocarbons into the atmosphere via open vents), returning the "unused portion" back to the air intake.

Provided that you don't have excessive inleakage, through dodgy seals, crook gaskets, or oil fill points left open, PCV should have virtually no effect on performance.

Grumpy Jenkins and the drag race crowd actively encouraged crank case vacuum as a performance enhancer.

Go back to the original IMHO, maybe add a catch can.
Thats no good.

Your oil will die quickly with that.
Acid, water vapor, blowby fumes, and other nasties are drawn out of the crankcase by the pcv and replaced with fresh filtered air.
Run like that for a while and you should see chocolate yogurt stuff under your oil cap. Thats a water-oil emulsion and its baaad!

Don't you have emission testing in your area?
Thats gonna fail.
moribundman- no need for critism. I meant it in a joking way, meaning I don't mind the smell, so lighten up ok?

Also, where can I get a catch can? at local AZ's or where? If this is not good for my truck, I will change it. Although the truck does seem to be running alittle better with the mod and does have more response to it. Thanks,,,,op
I can still see it.

BTW, from what I've seen of recent years of using filters to agglomerate and remove oil vapours, that red filter would soon become a drippy mess.

BTTW, you've got to take Moribunman's posts with a smile
"If this is not good for my truck, I will change it."

It is not good for your truck. it's old tech and if you like your cengine compartment to look clean you are shooting yourself in the foot. All the water and oil vapors will settle on the engine and around the compartment and then dust will start sticking to everything and it will be a real nasty mess.
ok so maybe not a specific brand. I'll admit, I have no idea how to install one, get what or what. Maybe I should start another thread? op

moribundman- no need for critism. I meant it in a joking way, meaning I don't mind the smell, so lighten up ok?

You said, and now confirm, you liked the smell. So you weren't joking, yet you say you were joking! That makes a lot of sense, amigo!


BTW, I can't see moribundman's post as humor?

How's that my failure? Will you recognize a joke only when it bites you in the gluteus maximus? I really meant it as joke. Sorry, I won't be subtle from now on and stick to the facts and issues at hand (See below).

All kidding aside, what you are doing isn't exactly considerate of others and the environment. I for one wouldn't want to smell your stinky fumes. Your design is not an improvement to PCV. A catch can is a much better modification.


Maybe I should start another thread?

Is that a threat?
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Yikes. Talk about a giant step backwards. That setup is even worse than the old draft tube. At least they make some negative pressure.

Get a catch can off ebay for cheap and plumb it into your intake. Or build one, there ins't much to them. Can do it by inertia, coalescing, condensing or all three.

Lol moribundman, that's pretty good. You're not from Moron Bay are you? Clearly have too much free time
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