Paypal question

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Oct 23, 2013
I had a guy pay for a product on ebay via paypal.

I avoid it due to the fees. One thing I noticed is that the deposit is pending, not in my bank account. When will it get deposited?

When he says the product was received?
Is the payment in you paypal account? It takes two or three days after you transfer the money from paypal to your bank account for it to show as a deposit.
Do not ship it until the money is in your paypal account!
The money is in the paypal account. It says it is pending. It will not let me transfer to my bank account.

Paypal does say estimated deposit by November 15th???
Yeah paypal forces escrow until plenty of time has passed for the buyer to receive/ complain.

If you made a postage label through paypal's app you might have an easier time and even a buck or two cheaper.
I was an eBay power seller.

When you are a new seller, PayPal holds your funds for like 30 days... a complete ripoff.

If you uploaded the tracking number, I believe that they will release your funds a few days after the item was confirmed delivered.

PS- NEVER ship an item through eBay without getting a tracking number. Too much rampant fraud and people know if there is no tracking number they get to keep the item for free and eBay will refund their money too. Upload the tracking number into eBay as soon as you get it. If you wait, you will get dinged by eBay. They require the tracking to be updated very quickly.
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