paying by the ton to get rid of old tires

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I put old tires on craigslist for free and put my neighbors address down, leave them out by the road. People take them.
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No you don't
Snipped from my craigslist account. Tires were gone within 4 hours.
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i took a small truck load of tires to a recycling center by me and instead of charging me per tire they said i could scale them and pay less and it didn't cost much at all.
This is exactly what I'm trying to do. One place is $140/ton and another $220. The flaw is the guy on the phone said I'd still have to pay by each. I'd hate to drive in, get scaled, drive out, dump my stuff, go into the office, and have them say, derp, pay for eight tires now, as opposed to 170 lbs or whatever. I gave away a fridge on craigslist to someone in a trailer park, I even delivered it b/c I had a truck and they didn't. It was in my shed and moldy but 1/2 hour with clorox and rags would fix that. I described it accurately, the boyfriend accepted the delivery, and I caught flak. Besides, when I'm done with a tire, it's done. laugh
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Our dump will take them for free if you deliver them. They have to go to a separate section with the medical waste and batteries. Thats why the garbage trucks wont pick them up. They shred them for parks for playgrounds and landscaping. Funny, in Pa many years ago when tires were so hard to get rid of. I remember this guy rented a big steel building put the deposit down filled it with old tires, I mean stacked it full then walked away and said keep the deposit, it was cheaper than paying to have the tires hauled away.
Where in PA?
I just throw mine in the trash. I once just stuck the tire on top of my garbage can. The garbage man threw it in his truck with all the other garbage. No charge. shrug Another time, I took a sawzall to a tire and cut it up so it would actually fit IN the garbage can. I don't think the garbage man noticed there was a tire in there, but even if he did, he took it away and I never heard anything about it.
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Yeah craiglist is AMAZING at getting rid of unwanted stuff. So many of the "Free chit crowd" out there. They would take hazardous waste from you, for free, just because it is free.
The only downside is I don't want derelicts like that anywhere near my property. Now they can scope it out and come back later to break in or steal something. Our local dump will take them.
Well I did the deed. I put the best two on CL and left the tires a couple feet from the curb, yet still on my property. Some schmuck paid $10 for the set, hid the money inside my door. Went over to the recyclers', dude counted my eight tires and quoted $48. I mumbled something about how I believed it to be by the ton if it's more than four, and he said he'd let it fly this time. $11.20! That's a substantial difference, where policies fail to converge. My googling shows others have it easier. Maricopa County Arizona lets residents dump up to FIFTY tires per year for free. banana
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Well I did the deed. I put the best two on CL and left the tires a couple feet from the curb, yet still on my property. Some schmuck paid $10 for the set, hid the money inside my door.
He/she isn't schmuck for paying $10 for 2 used tires. He/she could just took the 2 tires on the curb without paying a penny. The person who paid $10 for your 2 tires is very nice, may be because you live in a nice neighborhood. It is common knowledge that anything a homeowner put on the curb is free to take, unless there is a note saying otherwise.
Could always paint "No Trespassing ,or No Hunting" on them, and hang them on fence posts. NO! I told a cheapskate friend of mine I was going to paint that on the junk tires on his truck though. Paying to scrap tires is just something you have to do. Anytime I sell used tire for cheap, I figure I am making the disposal price on top of whatever I get. Too many people base their used tire prices on what they originally paid for them. That is just wrong. Price a decent set of tires for like $50 bucks, and they will be gone in a couple hours on CL, and you make even more, since you don't have to pay to throw them away!
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Yeah you should see people try to sell 4x 13 inch tires for $380 because that's what they paid including balancing, alignment, disposal (!), etc. These are the same fools that wanted $1800 for their Packard Bell Pentium computer from Best buy "Have all receipts". wink Generally seen braless in a 20 year old rusted out Taurus with a Sable door: three alloy wheels, one steel.
These are the same fools that wanted $1800 for their Packard Bell Pentium computer from Best buy "Have all receipts".
Haha, I remember those days!!!
2 or 3 times a year the city has some kind of collection for all kinds of stuff. Earth day they have a few sites set up for everything...donated, trash, appliances,paint, tires electronics and more. There is a limit to the number of tires per address. Pretty easy to get rid of a lot with family all local. Some stuff you even get money towards your utilities like appliances, window a/c. Usually is another one for just tires organized by the county mosquito control. Family business is rentals and a lot of move out/ evictions leave tires behind so we just store them until there is a free collection. Gas cans.....always gas cans left behind too They do have to be rimless, so any with rims get put on Craigslist for free, and I doubt they do the responsible thing with the tires after they get the rim offs for scrap metal.
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A friend in another town can get rid of 4 per year, free, but I'm looking for a morally correct, yet economical solution. I get one day every August for household hazardous waste at my town dump. They take paint for free but not tires. They'll take tires at $4 any day, but I can always hope for less. My state charges a buck on new tire sales, but it's to pay off a cleanup of some 3 million tire deep pile some jerk walked away from.
I just put a dollar bill in an envelope and tape it to the old tire, then leave it in front of Pepboys at night. I'm sure the employees will turn a blind eye on it...
In NC you pay a 2% fee on each tire when you buy upfront. Many states do the same. Then any place which sells tires are usually required to take old tires.
I see a used tire grinder-upper operation when I head north on route 18 going toward 195 in New Bedford. Looks sorta like a car shredder, only grimier. I wonder if they could be polymerized legally. There is a boat load of BTUs in an old tire. DAMHIK
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