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Jul 10, 2003

I think you cleaned out all German Syntec in my area (GTA). I have tried several Walmarts that I went to previously only to find empty shelves where the good stuff once stood.
Can you divulge your secret source? I promise not to buy more than 6 litres every 3 months...Your secret would be safe with me....

Most of the stuff I've bought have been from the Winston Churchill/401 Walmart, but I just bought their last 4L last week.

Someone else on here told me the Walmart at Bovaird and Highway 10 in north Brampton has tons of it though. You might also try the Highway 7/400 Walmart in Woodbridge too, I heard they had a good supply a little while ago.
That was quick. I tried yesterday at HWY 7 and 400 with no success. I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

Do you know if this oil is here to stay in Canada or is it temporary stock?

Castrol Canada told me it's here to stay, but I'm more worried about what happens when the next API formulation comes out, will they still bring it in then, or will they start producing US made 0w30 again?
Hello Peple
Great board finally no more lone quests for oil info.
Garry, there are at least two locations in GTA that carry the red labeled 0W-30 one is in North Brampton Bovaird and Main (that's what we call Hurontario in Brampton) there last week they had only red labelled stuff, also Square One Wal Mart in Mississauga had 50/50 mix of red and yellow labelled 0W-30's on their shelves, and if my memory serves me well they also had it at Airport Rd./HWY 407 wal-mart. Hope these are good coordinates.
All you guys seem to find this stuff but us folks in the Great Northwest are stuck without
I live here in southern Indiana and haven't seen the stuff yet. Even in the Louisville area. Walmarts here look at me like I'm crazy. Rando
Yeah same here. Thus far I don't recall seeing any of the German Syntec stuff in any store. It might just take more time for it to get here since we're in the Midwest.

I have checked the local Autozones (2) for weeks and finally found the SLX this week. Around here, any 0Wx oil has dust on every bottle so I was surprised at the discovery. It was 106 deg on the car thermometer when I stopped and the winters are very mild. This is the first Utah report I've seen.
I asked the clerk how they came to have the stuff and her reply was "what stuff." Not particularly knowledgeable about products to say the least.
For those of you in the US, I would really like to know what the batch #s are on the bottom of the bottles. gfcrane, I suspect yours will be from the TAG785 run like all the bottles I am finding in C Springs. I will tell you all I am doing my part to make it a sales success so Castrol will continue to import it, but I won't get specific because if you knew how many bottles I have you might get testy
with me.
Hope you guys in the Midwest get flooded with it soon. I had heard of a report on this board of it at an Autozone on the IL/IN border (don't remember if a specific town was mentioned, sorry).

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I am on my 4th case. It is so easy to get, you will die. Just ask nicely at the local AutoZone for the manager. Tell him/her to order a few cases, done. A week later *your* G-Syntec will be there. If they say, they "already gots some zee-ro thir-tee" just say you called corporate and thats what they told you to do. You are gonna buy it anyway! It worked for me, 4 cases and 5 cqars later, I AM a believer.

You are Autozoners around here have a consistent and persistent response..."We don't order; we get whatever corporate sends us."
TSoA, check the lot numbers from the bottom of the bottles of the oil that you have, and PM me the list, please.

Typical example: M030426B T/W0504821 2007

Originally posted by Patman:
Castrol Canada told me it's here to stay, but I'm more worried about what happens when the next API formulation comes out, will they still bring it in then, or will they start producing US made 0w30 again?

And then again introducing this "amascink Tcherrr-mahhn"* stuff in limited quantities may have been a "test" of its marketing potential prior to switching North American production over to the same formula. (upgraded to SM/GL-4 as and when necessary) Dare we hope for a commenserate drop in pricing if that's the case?

*I wonder whether this is the same oil the Terminator drinks...
I searched 5 different autozones today......AND I FINALLY FOUND IT!!!! I bought all 15 quarts that they had (after buying 15 quarts, it probably will be terrible in my vehicles.....murphey's law). 2 different batch numbers......9 quarts MO23386BTAG785 2341.......6 quarts MO30426A T/W05482 1352.
I can't delete my own mistaken post? What, am I like 5 years old or something?

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Lot # M030426A T/W05482 1239

I would not take any B.S. at the A-Z. I would actually call corporate and let them phone your local AZ in advance, that's what I did. The mgr is totally cool and asks "how much more do you want?" I am on my 3rd batch, it'll be 6 cases total.

I can't imagine this oil not being great for any modern car. It is truly an exotic elixor. I have used in in my 165k I-5 Audi, my 60k V6 30v Audi, mom's 100k V6 12v Audi, my friends 100k I-5 Volvo. It's going in my friends 60k 1.8t Audi and mom's 60k 4cyl 2.0 VW.

I returned some 0w-40 M1 at the time of the Syntec purchase. I have no interest in M1 while this is available, except 15w-50 as a top-off oil.

Oddly, my Valvoline SynPower smells more like the Syntec than the M1 does.

Originally posted by TSoA:
Lot # M030426A T/W05482 1239

Oddly, my Valvoline SynPower smells more like the Syntec than the M1 does.


Please...don't even go there!

PS I'm hoping it is a good thing (for the long-term availability of this oil) that we are starting to see lots of the non-TAG785 batch numbers showing up outside of we just need to start seeing totally different #s from the ones we have now.

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