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Apr 6, 2004
Midland, MI
Does anyone know of an easy way to shut off the Passlock system on a 1999 Pontiac, or at least reset it. I guess when activated it shuts the fuel off to the car. Thanks in advance.
Whatever You do don't unhook the battery with the passlock activated if you don't know the current passlock code setting. It tells you in your owners manual how to set your own personal passlock code and how to activate and inactivate the system. I am assuming you have the manual right.
No, this is for a friend and he made it sound like the manual didn't indicate this. This is not the radio lock-out but something that happens when locking the car up. I never heard of it, I guess it cuts the fuel supply. I told him I wondered if you could reset the fuel cut-off the same way you reset after the air bags go off in a crash. I think that reset button is in the trunk behind the carpet on the sidewall.
Passlock works by measuring a resistor either in the key or in the ignition switch. There is a way to bypass it entirely involving measuring the resistance of the key or the ignition switch and then wiring a replacement resistor of the correct value permanently in the circuit. Normally this is done for remote starter installations.

If the system measures an incorrect resistance it will activate the passlock system.

If the system requires a special key then the resistor is in the key, and I would start by getting a new key and seeing if that fixes the problem.
PassKEY is the system with a chip in the key. It will not allow a key with the wrong chip to start the car. There is no code. It shuts off fuel several seconds after the car starts.

Now, why would you want to disable it?

You can try a new key. that would be my first guess. I had a 03 gmc van that would crank and not start and it turned out to be a bad ground somewhere in the passlock system. took 4 trips to the dealer and the tech driving it home with the computer hooked up to figure it out. At least the dealer kept giving me a good loaner the whole time
Like brianl703 says, this system uses a resistor in the ignition switch, not the key. You will need to locate a manual that shows which two wires you need to tie into in the ignition harness to measure the Ohm value. Most DIY remote start kits have make/model specific instructions on how to tie in with a resistor, or bypass module which is basically a 'black-box' that allows you to dial-in a resistance value to defeat passlock. used to give instructions right online.
Thanks guys. I passed this on to my friend. He said his girlfriend got a new key and so far no issues, I guess he said it was bent quite badly. I'll report back if all is well. Thanks again.
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