Pas de panique ?

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Jul 29, 2003
Kyiv, Ukraine
All GC UOAs and numerous positive responses posted at BITOG were so good that even such a big sceptic like Primus decided to leap into the last carriage of leaving train and buy Castrol Formula SLX 0W-30. And what do you think ? The train has already gone: I did not manage to find a single bottle in whole 2 million city. In hope to find its location I made a phone call to Castrol Distributor. - Where so desired stuff ? - The green one ? Not available. Now we offer a new product called Formula SLX LongTec, it's PAO based. - Is it better then the "normal" SLX ? - If I say it's better, will you believe me ? - Depends. - It provides better protection with our (i.e. local) lousy gas. Then I've checked Castrol european sites and found that in some countries it's still present either with DCO TopUp or Longtec, but in others there is only LongTec. The latter's typical properties are nearly identical to original SLX, so if LongTec is rebadged and sold as Syntec or as a new Formula SLX, it will be very difficult to recognize a substitution. Think to die the oil in green is not a big issue. Thus, it remains the smell only. By the way, it looks like LongTec contains some highly refined mineral oil. Below is the info kindly provided by Castrol Sweden : Forsaljningsomraden -> Verkstad -> Produkter - Formula SLX LongTec 0W-30 -> PDS/MSDS PDS: MSDS: Forsaljningsomraden -> Butik -> Produkter - Formula RS 0W-40 -> PDS/MSDS PDS: MSDS:
To see PDS/MSDS of special products including Castrol Formula SLX 0W-30 it's necessary to click the box arrow and chose "Motoroljor-Specielle".
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