Parking on inclines caused start up noise

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Sep 30, 2013
The other thread about the Fram Ultra not causing piston slap sparked my attention. This is a bit different though.. This is a pointless thread too.. Just another observation.

Yesterday at work I had to park on a small incline. Nothing severe at all.. didn't think twice about it. After sitting for 8.5 hours, I started it up and it ticked until I was a few miles away. 2 weeks ago I had to park on a very steep incline at a housing addition and it did the exact same thing. This doesn't happen if I park on a level surface. My filter sits horizontally at 90* with the engine so I don't see how this would allow the oil to drain out. No matter how a filter sits, the oil shouldn't drain out if the ADBV is doing its job. Who knows.

Long story short, I am pretty bummed. The Fram TG has done well for me. Its cheap compared to WIX, easier to obtain and much more efficient.. It's only quiet on start ups if I park on a complete level surface. I can't wait to run my Napa Silver with the combo ADBV/ bypass on my next OCI.
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My car will ONLY have startup tick if I park overnight on a steep incline. Does it like clockwork.
It may be the oil pump is not able to suck up oil as quickly on the incline until it hits flat surface
What about parking it on the other side of the street? Maybe the oil filter's ADBV works better at a different angle.
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i had a similar issue with a fuel pressure accumulator on a saab with CIS. Park facing uphill and the fuel would drain back, making cold starts more difficult.
my solution was to park facing downhill, gravity stopped the fuel draining back.

I sughest you try the same, vary the angle/direction you park and see if it changes
Ticked for a few miles????? A new dry oil filter from the store will fill up in a few seconds.

Check your oil level.
Yeah my Jeep does that at times. It is very picky with oil filters and apparently how level the surface its parked. Lol.
I'd be checking the ADBV at next oil change, bet the filter is emptying. Weird it doesn't fill right back up, though. My '98 is noisy enough that it'd be hard to tell, sounds like a little diesel sometimes.
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