Parking Fees At Hotels

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Aug 30, 2004
I might be a bit out of touch with reality since I do not travel much, but hear me out. I booked a room at a Hyatt Regency via Priceline for a quick trip next weekend. Since it was priceline, I was only able to select the grade of the hotel (4* in this case), not the hotel itself. Only after doing further research on my purchase did I learn that the Hyatt Regency I was "assigned" to charges $16/day for self-parking. Granted, this is the first time I have stayed at a hotel that is nicer than a "casino resort" so perhaps I am simply unaware that a guest is expected to pay this much for parking. In addition, this hotel is in South Orange County, CA, so it isn't in the downtown area of a large city. Is it common for hotels to charge for parking nowadays, or is that something that comes with the upscale experience? mad Is anyone aware of any possible ways for me to get the fee waived or discount? Thanks.
Well... they way the hotel sees it, you can pay $100 for a room and $16 for a park, or $116 for a room plus park. I guess they do it to keep their rates competitive for rooms alone. I guess most folks would fly in and take a cab or train. Still, $16/day is some good money for a patch of concrete, that is in airport parking fees league.
Yes, it is pretty much normal in larger citys. Trust me I work as a hotel reservation agent for 10 hours every day. There are THOUSANDS of hotels that charge either parking, "resort" or other fees, like safe fees. They work the same was as some shops. "Hey charge them 20 bucks for an oil change, then tack in a disposal fee, and hasmat fee, and there you go, 30 bucks.
I only paid $55/night for the room (though looking back, I should have placed a slightly lower bid), which I guess may be on the cheaper side for this type of hotel, but $16/day seems awfully expensive.
16 isnt bad, ive seen over 30 bucks a night. Like i said i work for the worlds largest hotel group. 55 a night is a great rate
And if priceline did not tell you that there was a fee, you should be able to get that fee waived through them after you pay it at the hotel. They are a 3rd party company, so you have to go after them for the money
At least with a Priceline room you'll get a good view of the parking garage, so you'll be able to keep an eye on your car. wink
Its just an extension of the mentality of airlines, cruise lines and most every one else these days: quote a low rate for the basic service, then nickel and dime you for services. Unfortunately this works for them. This is one area of govt regulation I support - mandate that they provide information so that you can make an informed choice. Force them to disclose all the fees. just like food companies have to disclose ingredients and nutritional information.
You would think, if you are booking a room, the parking and wifi would be free for you, but that isn't the case. I stayed at the Marriot in Salt Lake City earlier this year and was taken back that I was charged for the aforementioned items.
Usually these upper end hotels are used by business trips during work week or points on weekend. The fees get eaten by a business or a "smaller" cost when the person is staying on a bargain price room(you) or points which are typical weekenders. I did book a similar type of room directly with not a teaser rate with hotel company on the phone. The rate was a bit higher but they did complimentary wifi and parking when I asked.
I live on the road and live using Priceline and Hotwire. Cleveland, $20. Detroit, $15. Columbus/Indianapolis, $25 each. Toronto, $20 until 7am and then ANOTHER $20. Parking is just like anything else you don't like paying....speeding tickets, license renewal, smog inspection. It's a revenue stream that you HAVE to pay despite the opposition to paying. They've got us. I remember San Francisco right near our Hyatt in the financial district wanted $45. I drove two blocks away and paid $23.
I was recently in Washington DC,and the hotel wanted $24 a night to park there on top of the $100 a night for the room. I was able to park at my daughters condo building for $8 a night, and she picked us up at the hotel. I never heard of paying to park at a place your already paying to stay at. I hope they don't start charging you to park at Mcdonalds or Walmart. But with some peoples logic, that would be fine to.,,
Yeah, thats pretty chintzy. It's a pain in the neck keeping up with the way companies sneak fees and charges on us. The wife and I just came back from a new years weekend getaway in Ft. Lauderdale at a Sheraton that featured "free internet". We neglected to read the fine print and the hotel had one (1) computer in the lobby for guests with "free" internet! The wireless service was $9.99 a day. Who doesn't offer free wireless these days? Sheraton.
Seems to be more of a northern city thing. shrug I cannot remember ever paying for parking at a hotel in Denver, San Antonio, New Orleans, etc... When I was in college up north, I discovered that parking was often more expensive than dinner and drinks. "Hey! let's park here. It's only $26 for the first hour Depending on what time of day you go and where you go in downtown Ft Worth, you can park for free. Even if you have to pay, it's only a couple of dollars. Dallas is trending towards more expensive parking, but nowhere near what I experienced in Chicago or Boston. I haven't driven into Dallas in a long time. I ride the TRE there and then get around with light rail. Parking for a Stars or Mavs game or the State Fair is often as much or more than 3 multi-passes.
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Seems to be more of a northern city thing. shrug but nowhere near what I experienced in Chicago or Boston.
Its more a real estate price thing. Boston and Chicago are relatively compact/dense and real estate is pricey. Texas city's where I have been are spread/sprawled out so real estate is available to park your vehicle.
I think they lease the parking structure to a 3rd party, then the 3rd party puts up signage and staffs it/wears different uniforms. Helps with the illusion.
We stayed at a hotel in Toledo and the forced us to use their valet service for $10. Our only other option was to park down the street somewhere. Never stayed there again!!
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