Painting wooden garage door

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Aug 18, 2014
I am planning on painting my wooden garage door. The current paint is apparently by Kelly Moore. Should I stick with them or is there someone better? Will another company be able to match the current color easily? Any tips on preparation or technique?
Wooden garage door? Does your door have two giant springs; one on each side? All my neighbors have switched to aluminum rollup doors. I'm about the last guy in the neighborhood with a wooden garage door.
I still have a wooden garage door. A cleaning, prime, paint is all I have done in over 30 years of ownership. Even when we changed the rest of the house from a cedar exterior to vinyl siding(w/roof, gutters, windows), we kept the wooden garage door. Still looks great!
A good, long lasting paint job comes down to surface prep. It's not hard, but it can be labor intensive. Probably the best idea is to ask the question at a local hardware or paint store that has been around a while. They'll know what products work best in your area.
Our wood door is I don't even know how old. We repainted and I can echo the above - prep is what it's all about.
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The existing paint is ~10 years old. Good condition.
like previous Bitoggers said, prep is everything: -clean -take any bubbly out -patch holes/uneven -1 layer of good primer -2 layers of paint stand back and pat yourself on the back now you are allowed to crack a cold one P.S. do not paint between the panels unless you want one solid piece door.....
Also, every couple of years, if I still have enough paint left over, I will touch up the garage door and other trim of the same color. But, every several years, I will paint the whole/all of, door/trip. Makes everything look nice & clean!
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