Painting wheels on a Dakota

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Aug 4, 2004
Kansas City
I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota with the Factory Wheels. I bought some black brake caliper paint that is heat resistant up to 900 degrees and resistant to road salt and corrosion. My question is, do I need to sand, strip or do anything to the wheels before I paint them? The paint says it is self priming, so I don't think I need to prime them. Any and all info appreciated.
All I did on my SS was clean them really good with brake cleaner,then good soapy water/rinse/completely air dry and then sprayed them. 1st coat was lite allowed 3 hrs drying 2nd coat completed the job 1 hr drying before putting the wheels on,then acouple more before driving 73K later their still in good shape. Powder Coating is really the way to go,yes those home kits REALLY DO WORK !!in your home oven;)
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