Paint on the filter base plate.

Jun 20, 2011
SE Ohio
Got these filters as a Christmas present. I told them either Wix or Napa Gold. I opened them up and all 3 filters had the black spray paint on the base.

I guess the question is, is this a non factor or is this gonna be harmful to the engine? I’m assuming that paint isn’t designed to hold up to the conditions inside the engine, (hot oil and detergents in it). I’ve been a Wix user for many years. Not sure who I’d switch to now.

Just use them, or see if they’ll exchange them?

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Remove the base gasket, then use carb cleaner on a rag or Q-Tip to clean-up all the paint overspray. Reinstall gasket. I've done that many times to filters with paint overspray.
Looks like very light overspray to me, not significant enough to be of concern. Coat sealing gasket with a light layer of oil, spin on 2/3-3/4 turn after gasket contact. Drive on with no worries.
What the pictures are telling me is that the filter was assembled and then painted. I thought it was the other way around with the van being painted first before assembly?

Another example of sloppy assembly. There are filters out there that don’t show sloppiness like this.
LoL, a good thing in this case. I correct things when it's easy to do. When I work on my stuff it's done right, not half arsed. :p

Like said, if the paint overspray bothers the OP there's a simple fix. If he sends them back for replacements, they'll most likely have paint overspray too.
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