Paint care in extreme conditions

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Oct 3, 2008
For a long time now, I've always had to polish and wax my truck every 2 months (3 months at best). This is using a pricier, quality wax such as Meguiar's Tech 2.0. If I use carnauba-based wax, you're looking at a week at best. Climate conditions here are rather extreme - intense heat, dust storms and when it rains, it rains mud. You get swirls without having to resort to improper washing techniques. I last detailed my truck in January, and have since been using Meguiar's Mist & Wipe twice a week (I wash it daily). The paintwork still has that wet look, swirls are very minor (you have to look hard to see them under good lighting conditions) and the paintwork isn't dry as it would have been. Costs me about $8.25 per bottle every 2 weeks, but it does a good job. I was wondering if anybody had any other suggestions, which would do an even better job? Are wash and wax products just as good? Sonax of Germany has a good wash and wax shampoo I was looking at. Thank you!
What is it you want a product to do for you? It sounds to me like you're doing as best as you can under those conditions. The combination of heat and dust (abrasion) will kill pretty much every wax on the market. If you want something that will last longer, you need to switch to a true polymer sealant like Zaino, which is designed to hold up in extreme heat (400*F+). Wash and wax products are good only for adding a little shine to the paint after a wash. The effect in your locale may only last a few days, if that. That Meg's quick detailer spray you're using doesn't last much longer than a wash & wax product. It's fine for removing light dust, fingerprints, etc between washes but that's about it. It's not meant to add durability to a wax, only to boost the shine and clean a little bit. Let us know what your ultimate goal is and maybe we can help you with some ideas.
Eagle One "Wax-As-U-Dry" and Turtle Wax "1 Step Wax & Dry T-9" are a couple of good choices that you can apply while the car is still wet. Both are pretty good at dealing with scratches and hazing. The durability sucks, though... Cheers
Thanks for posting. My aim is to protect the paint and clearcoat for as long as possible, without having to keep detailing every 2 months because it gets dry. It takes 10+ hours for me to wash, wax, polish and detail and I don't exactly have that much time on my hands. I have to kill a Saturday in most cases, and combined with other responsibilities, it isn't always possible. I'm able to spare about an hour and a half to wash and do a quick detail daily, but that's about it.
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Eagle One "Wax-As-U-Dry" and Turtle Wax "1 Step Wax & Dry T-9" are a couple of good choices that you can apply while the car is still wet. Both are pretty good at dealing with scratches and hazing. Cheers
Many thanks for pointing that out, those are two commonly available products. \:\!
If you wash it daily, nothing is going to last. Do you really have to wash daily? How do you wash, and with what? If you truly have good paint to start with, I'd probably top it with Duragloss 105 + 2 coats of Collinite 845. I'd then use Duragloss AquaWax every 2 weeks, and cut down washing to 1-2 times/wk. I do not know if you can obtain these products over there -- nor can I imagine the actual conditions. Does you truck sit outside all the time, or is it garaged or covered?
A polymer-based paint sealant will last much longer than any wax-based product in your conditions. But, I agree, daily washing and wiping in a dusty environment will erode your protection quickly and add swirls every time you touch the paint. I like Zaino products as they are proven in the looks and durability areas. They have UV inhibitors to reduce fading and bond to the paint to maximize durability. Do a full polish job, apply several coats of their sealant and use their spray sealant after every wash. Zaino products are designed to be used as a system and work extremely well when used that way. Most store bought products perform about the same, so feel free to experiment but don't expect any dramatic improvements. To get to the next level you're going to need to use boutique-type sealants and related products. Their improved performance will let you cut back on the washing and the wipe downs, which in turn will minimize paint swirls and micro-marring.
Thanks for the responses. My "washing" consists of hosing down the vehicle very quickly and wiping it dry with a microfibre towel. The other alternative, if I don't have much time, is a California duster. Once a week, I wash it properly with auto shampoo (Sonax Gloss Shampoo or Meguiar's Gold Class). If it isn't washed even for a day, the dust that settles on the paint job makes it look like it hasn't been washed for over a week. I just cannot picture all that dust being any good for the paint. The truck sits outside the whole time, unfortunately. If I cannot find these products locally, I would still be able to order them online - which I wouldn't mind. I've read quite a bit about Zaino over the years, and now it's looking more tempting. I'll also do a search on Duragloss and Collinite. Thank you once again!
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I'd probably top it with Duragloss 105 + 2 coats of Collinite 845. I'd then use Duragloss AquaWax every 2 weeks, and cut down washing to 1-2 times/wk.
My thoughts exactly. All products mentioned are top shelf, inexpensive, and known for their durability. They would be my choice without a second thought. Duragloss also has a bonding agent for the #105 but I don't recall the # they call it. It adds greatly to the durability. Keep in mind that the #105 should remain dry for 12-24 hours prior to applying the Collinite. Duragloss Aquawax is not a quick detailer, it is a sealant and boosts the look and durability of whatever it is applied on top of. I don't know of a more durable combination that would work as well under your conditions.
Yikes -- I hope you're using a "car wash and mitt", and not really "just wetting with a hose and then wiping with MF". If not, you will soon have swirl city.
From what I understand the #601 can be applied(no removal neccessary) and then topped with the #105. Not having to remove the #601 saves you a step which is great since you have a truck. Since the #105 is so durable I'd skip the Collinite(eventhough its a great stand alone product). Using the DG AW to boost protection is a great idea. Duragloss also has a great auto shampoo. You can buy online directly from them or at the auto parts stores listed ont their website. If the auto parts stores don't have the product in stock they can norm get it there in a day. The auto parts stores(I use Federated) are norm cheaper in price plus you pay no shipping.
I would not skip the Collinite. It is an unusual product in that it is a synthetic sealant with carnauba wax in it. Under the extreme conditions you are dealing with you need all the help you can get. By using it, after the #601 & #105 Duragloss combo, it adds yet another layer of sealant but with the look of carnauba. You'll get the best of both worlds.
You might just need the California car duster everyday, then wash it everyweek with spray detailer rightafter. Clay bar, clean, polish and Wax it every 3-4 months.
Hooooray for collinite 476's - that stuff is a tank in a can! 2 thumbs up for sure It stands up to anything.
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