Paint "bubbling"

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Apr 18, 2013
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Ok. Here's the situation. I have a 2008 Chevy truck. This spring, I noticed the paint was starting to bubble above the rear wheel well. Took it to the dealer, and they agreed to repair it under warranty. Got it back and it looked great. About a month later, bubbles again. Took it back, they "re-did" it using a different procedure. Got it back, looks great. Fast forward to today. Came out of the grocery store, and noticed, yep, you guessed it, a bubble. Should the dealer, again, be responsible for the repairs? I'm sure, by now, that I'm out of the 6 years warranty. But since they just fixed it 6 months ago, shouldn't they warranty their work? I'm planning on calling tomorrow, and visiting with them about this. Any suggestions? Thanks
IMHO it is the same problem you presented with under warranty. Was cosmetically corrected, NOT fixed per industry standard. If you had brought it out of warrant to a licensed autobody shop, they should be on the hook for the bubbles 6 months later. That's how I look at it.
Sounds like a Earl Scheib working on the truck if that is the case it will never end. They are just trying to make it look good and see your tail lights heading out not doing the job right the first time.
Rust over a pickup wheel well is not repairable long term.When the inner wheelhouse and outer skin are spot welded together,any galvanized coating is burnt off.Dirt packs above the wheellip and stays moist.This eventually rusts the steel from the inside out.When you see it,its too late.Manufacturers need to "glue" that joint together,not spotweld it,and then inject a rust preventative above the wheel house.But they never will.Certainly not GM.
Typical area on a pickup. If you spray out the rear wheel wells when you wash it it will never rust.
Is the issue indeed coming from rust? The thing is only 6 years old! Does Kansas use a lot of salt??
Oops just saw your location, I'm surprised. If this was a VT truck than it would be about right, that and the frame behind the rear wheels would be brown and rusty. Up north the Ram's seem to be the worst, all their bed sides above the rear wheels get rust holes in them pretty quick.
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Typical area on a pickup. If you spray out the rear wheel wells when you wash it it will never rust.
This. You have to almost point a spray jet at yourself to get at it. But once it starts, there's no stopping it short of new sheet metal.
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