P2106, P060, P0320

Feb 6, 2020
Charlotte, NC
2004 Explorer XLT, RWD, 143k miles, 4.0L SOHC, 5R55S trans.
Spark plugs (OEM) have about 20k miles on them. Crank position sensor has been replaced (OEM), harmonic balancer (OEM), and throttle body assembly (OEM).
EGR (AAP), fuel filter (OEM) also replaced, and cleaned the throttle body.
It happened a couple of times last summer where it would jerk and buck. Then once the weather cooled off, no more problems.
Well, now that it is warming up again, the issue is back; more frequently.
Yesterday we had seven people in the vehicle, front and rear A/C on max. It was hot and humid out. The cruise was on. As it started to go up a bit of a hill, it jerked a couple of times, and the wrench light came on. Usually when you let off the gas, it clears up and you can continue on. It did it a few more times yesterday and finally it didn't clear up and quit on me. I turned the key off for a minute, then it restarted and got me home.
It really seems to be heat related to me. The coolant temp is always fine. But after driving a bit and it is hot and humid outside, it will act up. When it does, the wrench light comes on right away. It always seems to do it when a load is applied too. Starting to go up a hill and when accelerating from a stop. It is pretty violent when it happens, like it wants to jar your fillings out of your teeth.
I went to Oreilly this morning and they pulled the three codes (title) from memory.
It was low 80's this morning, no A/C on, windows down. Got on it a few times, it ran like a champ. Yesterday afternoon I was afraid that I wasn't going to get home with it.
Thoughts? Suggestions?
Thank you!