P-30 front airbag replacement

Nov 28, 2020
Tools needed...(far far easier than zip tie method)

1. Mityvac

2. (3) long nose pliars (straight, 45 degree and 90 degree) used to remove old bags

3. Long bread knife (no we aren't making bread)

4. (3) 3in hose clamps

The pic is with the top end of bag inserted into hole roughly 2 1/4 in in diameter. The remaining slid in with little effort.

Once the bag is near the top (end sticking out still) be sure and sliced the protective disc in at the top. Then carefully push the remainder of the bag sticking out up while being sure the disc does not lose center.Once the bag is in prior to adding air insert the bottom protective disc. Fold it like a taco and insert in the side where the bag is not residing yet (still folded like photo). When half the disc is in guide the valve stem into the center hole of disc and finish full insertion of disc.

Done. It took longer to remove the old bags than to install the new ones. 30 min to remove old ones each.


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