Overfilled oil

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Sep 16, 2005
I overfilled my Scion TC during the oil change and is now getting kind of worried. I think I overfilled it by 1/3 to half a quart. And by the way, if there is foaming, I know there will be bubbles. But how much bubbles are we talking about and how big will they be? a picture would help. Thanks
I think 1/2 quart is more than I woujld be comfortable with. I personally am O.K. with 1/4. But that's about it. You would probably be O.K. but I personally would drain some.
How much is too much depends on the engine and the type of driving. .3 qts is a lot on a small engine, minimal on a larger one. There will be minimal foam on low speed level driving without a lot of acceleration or breaking. A lot of foam on high acceleration, braking, turning, mountains, etc.
1/2 quart "should" not hurt anything, but if it were my car, i'd drain it if over 1/4 quart overfull. Drain a bit while it's cold so you wont burn yourself trying to put the plug back in while hot oil is gushing out. Foam and/or bubles with be small on the dip stick and the underside of the fillercap if your car does not have a shield blocking you from seeing the valve train area.
For peace of mind you could bleed off some oil. Few options... - Engine hot. Crack open the drain plug enough to let it drip until you get your 1/2 quart or so out. Make sure it is not too close to fall off. If the car is level, you can keep checking your dipstick. - Engine cold. Pull the plug and return it real quick. Get reay for a mess. - Get one of those vacuum extractors. Pull the oil from the dipstick tube.
I ALWAYS fill my Dode Caravan with 5 qts, and it calls for 4.5. When I check the level on the stick after it sits over night, it's barely over the top mark. Since I know that a half qt will never hurt anything, it gives me peace of mind knowing that I will likely never have to top off.
Got a siphon pump and extracted some of the oil out from the dip stick hole. Thanks guy.
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