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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
I've told my Dad over and over and over to find a new mechanic, but he basically likes to go to that place and shoot the breeze with the owner who he's friends with. I've found so many so-so things they've done. Like when they changed the plugs on my Dad's blazer, they cut the rubber flap off that protects the exhaust manifolds from water in the fenderwell. They could have tied it up and out of the way to gain acces to the plugs. Now, water sprays directly on the hot exhaust manifolds. They're already cracked as hell! So you don't think overfilling by 1 quart is going to hurt anything?

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Originally posted by Drew99GT:
So you don't think overfilling by 1 quart is going to hurt anything?

If it is actually overfull then it could cause problems, but if it's just one quart over the spec according to the manual it may not actually be technically overfull. My manual says to only put in 4.5 quarts of oil but I've put in 5.5 with no problems. It all depends on how much leeway there is on the spec in the book. Like I said, check the dipstick after driving the car to check for evidence of oil bubbling.
Some engines are more sensitive than otehrs to this.

On a VH45DE, the top to bottom on dipstick is only about 0.6 quarts, kinda a hint to me that they spec the oil quantity pretty tight.
(6.0 quarts is factory fill)

I would have a problem also. I usually over fill by maybe 1/4 inch. But thats about it. I know where you are coming back with your dad. The more you screw some folks the more they like it. It's just like folks who are a generation older than me (quickly dying out
) Most would never-never 'question' what the [/qb]Doctor[/qb] "said" .
Thank you Al!! For some reason, my Dad just doesn't think they make mistakes. But when I find them and question the mechanics over there, they give me the "this little kiddy don't know **** " attitude. It makes me so mad, ahhhhhhhh. And it's my Mom's car they always screw up; that's what really pisses me off.

Originally posted by Drew99GT:
I've told my Dad over and over and over to find a new mechanic, but he basically likes to go to that place and shoot the breeze with the owner who he's friends with.

Though you may be absolutely right, keep some things in mind. Every vehicle I have ever owned besides the one's I'm driving now ended up in the junk yard. Some of the friends I had when I drove those vehicles I still have.

I had my own mechanic for a while. He always insisted I help him do the repairs with him despite the fact that I made some screw-up. Now, I just take it to the local dealer or garage, mostly because I'm getting to the point in my life where I have more dollars and less sense.

When I stood up for his wedding I gave a great toast about friends standing the test of time (15yrs at that time), closing with the first words I could remember him saying to me shortly after I met him. "I met a nice girl today." Yes, now his wife at the time of the toast.

Maybe you could ride with your dad when he delivers his current car to the junk yard some day and talk about this.

Just a thought.
Start running the large PF52 filter on it instead of the PF47 size and you can accomidate .5qts more without it changing the dipstick level.

I do this so my 3800-II takes a perfect 5qts.
The place that my Dad takes his vehicles to continues to overfill the oil level on my Mom's Olds 98 (3.8L Series II) by **** near 1 quart every time they do an oil change. They go by the speced capacity, not the dipstick. I know for a fact that this can contribute to excess windage/aeriation of the oil and cause air bubbles to form in the oil, which is not good. I went over there and bitched them out; they basically bitched me back out and said there would be no harm
Is there really any consequences to this? I looked into the oil fill yesterday and there was indeed sludge, so auto-rx has already been ordered, but it has had 3,000 mile changes. Could the overfilling have done this? Thanks. And I will be changing the oil for my Mom from now on even though my Dad is pissed that I crossed his loyal mechanic
They've done some other royally dip **** moves on some of our other cars but my Pop's is too much of a moron to realize their taking him for a ride.
There are two simple solutions to this. Number one, start changing the oil yourselves, or if not, number two: find a new shop to do it.

Have you checked the dipstick to see if there is any evidence of foaming though? If not, running that higher oil level isn't hurting anything. A lot of people on here like to run higher than the specified amount in the manuals, including myself. As long as there is no obvious signs of excess air in the oil, or excess oil consumption at this higher level, it's totally safe, and there will be less stress overall on the oil so it can withstand longer intervals better.
Some engines are really sensitive to crankcase overfilling. The problems are (1) crankshaft whipping the oil and (2) main seals leaking over time. On many engines, that "extra" quart needs to come out. Even 1/2 a quart over may be pushing it.

Originally posted by Drew99GT:
I went over there and bitched them out;

Next time remember this saying:

"You get more results with honeys than bitches." Or something like that?

For example, my brother had a problem with a company, and after lots of yelling he got nothing done. So I took over, and I didn't yell, and I got his money back AND a year of free service. Yelling doesn't do anything except start fights. Calm, rational discussion is better.
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