Overfilled my 2006 BMW 530I. Would oil level monitoring system indicate overfill?

Jun 21, 2009
Couldn't hardly see the oil level in the thin window on 5L Castrol Edge 0W40 bottle, and accidentally overfilled by 3/4 quart. That's 7-3/4 quarts in a system that normally says full with 7 quarts. I did drain it quite thoroughly and let it sit with the drain plug out for several hours. The oil level monitoring system doesn't indicate overfull, but I don't know if it would. Not real worried that that amount of overfill would be enough to cause a problem in a sump with that large of capacity. Would monitor system indicate over full? Should I drain some out?
I’ve never heard of an oil monitoring system that indicates too full. Is that normal?

Ive never had an issue over-filling by around half a quart. I doubt 3/4 qt will matter.
I looked at owner's manual and it says overfilled is a possible warning when oil level is checked through I Drive. So I suppose I'm good since the indicator says "Max"