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Feb 19, 2008
I don't know what I was thinking at the time I got distracted by my six year old and put 6 quarts of oil in my 2012 V6 Pathfinder when it only calls for 5 & 3/8 quarts. It only looks a little above the stick is this a problem?
Start your car, let it run for a few minutes. Pull the dipstick. Is it foamy? If no, then no problems
That shouldn't be enough of an overfill to be an issue. FWIW, I overfilled the 2003 Malibu I maintained by 1/2 quart for years and it never caused an issue at all.
"A little over the stick". What % of the distance between min and max? Also, does your car consume oil between oil changes and at what rate?
I accidentally overfilled my last change by a pint, it's about 3/8" over the max line but haven't had any troubles smile I think you have to go about a quart or more over before you have any problems, especially since a lot of the oil is circulating round your engine and not sitting in the sump while it's running
You can even run Ford small block V8's a quart heavy. (i.e 7 quarts instead of 6) The only time the oil will get air whipped into it is after 2 quarts too much.
6 instead of 5 & 3/8 quarts? LOL! C'mon, man! What do you think that stick reads while ascending/decending a 10% grade in your SUV? I bet you never gave it a thought.
At least your pathfinder calls for over 5 qts, I changed my cousins oil on his maxima and it called for 3 7/8 qts, caught me by surprise , 3.5l engine.
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