Over 60mpg on T6 5w40


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Apr 24, 2018
So did you reset the AVG MPG right before taking that picture, or only have 3 miles of data before taking that picture?
I had gotten antsy and Had just filled up with 240 miles on the tank and on the guess-o-meter

Hand calculated was 68mpg, so the guess o meter is close.

I think the thing people don’t realize is that I have driven both auto and manual cobalts

The automatic car was complete *** for fuel economy
Driving normally in cold weather the auto couldn’t break 16mpg on my work trip while the manual could maintain 40mpg even in -20f

Having that experience makes me believe normal autotragics should be taxed out of existence . If it’s not an EV, hybrid or your not handicapped manual transmission for you.
Nov 2, 2021
Looking back at my archives I’ve exceeded 60mpg on a tank in warm weather low speed town situations with my 5mt beater Cobalt several times (hand calculated)
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Hyper milling and low speed warm weather

My car seems to destroy oil at about 1500 miles so I’ve went with T6-5w40, good gas mpg and the car doesn’t get super noisy at 1500 miles but now it appears I’ve lost a half quart in 1500 miles which isn’t normal

I’m considering pp 10w30 though I didn’t notice consumption with Amsoil 0w40 either

Curious what oil would you use on a car that GM screwed up the timing chain replacement on that is just gonna be run into the ground without repairs?
That’s just a computer calculation my vehicles sometimes will read out ridiculously high mpg. Coasting downhill off the accelerator etc.