Outside CCTV system ( Cameras )

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Apr 4, 2008
Hi Guys, I would like to install 2-3 Camera outside .. So I can see whats going on with cars and sleep better .. Does anyone have any experience or is aware of some good deals going on ? Thank You
Kris, I do this on the side for my restaurants and other businesses I could quote you a simple system if you like at cost and you can hook it up yourself (super easy). Let me know...
I have been doing product development for a CCTV/Camera company for motorsports, aviation, and government applications for a few years (ever watch SPEED Channel, Australian V8 Supercars, World Challenge Touring Car and GT...that's my stuff). There is quite a bit of stuff out there, sounds like SteveC can hook you up also. You can get a good 2 or 4 camera setup for as little as $40 per camera + DVR (low $25 for USB to PC for storage, up wards of $500+ for the cheap ones and, well, sky's the limit for the expensive ones).
Thx Guys! Solo2driver impressive stuff I do watch Speed Channel - when I have time :) for past weeks busy with work .... Where can I get a camera for 40$ Beside I would like to get 1 of them in bigger size so potential thieves will spot it easily .. Stev you got PM.
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Beside I would like to get 1 of them in bigger size so potential thieves will spot it easily ..
You plant fake ones that they'll either take out preemptively ..or so that it will direct into the field of view of the real ones that are more concealed. When I worked in residential settings for troubled youths we installed an alarm system on the computer/AV building. Worked great, until the kids just broke the sensors during normal entrance and exit. They broke in before we could replace them.
That's why I use the tiny ones (about the size of your thumb) and conceal them. I laugh when I see large cameras or dome cameras with narrow angle lenses...you can literally walk up behind them or out of view and pull the cable out, or cover up the lens. I prefer hiding them and putting them up high, and use higher resolution cameras to help compensate for some distance. Video evidence is great, I have been victim to 2 home invasion robberies in the past year and it was great to have video!!
I need a Gun ! lol ... Ahhh that's I don't feel safe at all ...
Take a look around x10.com for low-budget, fallable security gizmos galore. They have wired as well as wireless cameras-- go wired; the wireless ones run on the same 2.4 ghz as wifi and other useful services. Beware the "deal of the day" is marketing hype.
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