Outrageous federal ground turkey safety standard

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Sep 21, 2005
East Helena, Montana
Can you believe this? A ground turkey processing plant does not fail the federal salmonella standard until 55% of the ground meat leaving the plant is infected with salmonella. As usual, the feds are far more interested in protecting the industry than the consumer. Makes you wonder what the safety standards are for other foods and products. News story below.

Don't eat uncooked fowl.
Salmonella is easily destroyed by heat. Cross contamination by improper food handling practices is what generally leads to salmonella infection. Salmonella in food products that don't necessarily get heated before consumption, like dairy products, is much more scary than properly cooked fowl and meat. Salmonella-tainted milk could quickly kill a large number of people.
Where's that barfie, ah right here:

Does anybody know how many maggots are allowed in canned tomatoes?
should read about the bacteria levels allowed in milk, yes, already processed milk.... i guess cows can get infections in their utters and the puss is also allowed to enter the milk supply....just what i want to wash down those cookies with, some utter puss.

this may be enough for many of you to toss your milk jugs out, or just empty them to fill with old oil...

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