OT: Drain Pans & OIL UOA

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Jul 17, 2003
New York
How do ya'll get your *oil* when you drain and send in a sample for a UOA. I just sent in my Redline 5W30 / BMW X5 4.4 V8 / 5300 miles the other day. I drain my oil into the oil pan and after I was all done with my oil change, I opened the pour spout out of my drain pan and filled my the OIL sample canister. Just curious to see what methods you use when you send off your sample for a UOA. I know there is probably 1/16 of a quart or less that is still *coating* the interior perimeter of my drain pan from each oil change, after I empty it out. If my next 3 OCI will be Mobil 1 SUV, and I do a UOA.....will the *old oil* that is in the drain pan mixed with the different oil SKEW the results of my UOA to a certain degree ?
I get mine directly as it is draining. Not at the beginning or the end, but somewhere in the middle of the drain. Even with a totally clean drain pan for the used oil, I would be concerned that this would skew the results. Potentially other contaminants can get into the drain pan just because it's under the car, plus airborne dust, pollen, etc. if it's exposed too long.
I collect the sample from the flow. I let it flow (as though I could stop it) for a bit and use a clean container to catch enough for multiple samples. I then decanter it into the sample container for mailing. I'm unsure of how "residuals" from previous oil changes would contaminate your sample. Since I'm unsure ...I just eliminate the potential for that to happen. FWIW-I spend $0.50 worth of either brake clean or throttle body/carb cleaner to rinse out the drain pan (plastic) while I have it tilted (I can leave it draining) in the drain position and somewhat clean it out. I'm using 5 gallon "jugs" for my collection basin so I can do this a little easier than if I were filling up milk or laundry detergent jugs.
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