oreillys synthetic.

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May 2, 2007
ogdensburg new york
has anyone used oreillys synthetic oil?did a seach and could not find out much.i bought a case when i was in tenn last year and i am do for an oil change soon.i have ouaker state syn in the santafe now was going to replace with oreillys 5/20 syn.
Question: Who makes O'Reilly's brand of oil? Answer: O'Reilly's brand of oil is manufactured and packaged by Omni Specialty Packaging. Omni is an independent lubricant manufacturer in Shreveport, LA. While Omni is not affiliated with any "major" manufacturer, we do buy our base oils from companies like Exxon/Mobil and Shell. Lubrizol Corporation manufactures Omni's additives. Lubrizol is the largest lubricant additive manufacturer in the world. http://www.oreillylubetech.com/faq.html
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