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Nov 17, 2002
Northeast Florida, United States
Here's the scenario...I have a 2002 Dodge 1500 quad cab with the 4.7 engine.I have been using Quaker State and Mobil 10w30 since it was new.I'll be doing a lot of towing this summer going to the drag strip(5000lb total load car and trailer)and am considering switching to Mobil Delvac 1300 15w40.Worthwhile or not?
Some of the experts should be here soon. I'd probibly just use Mobil 1 10w30. Should do a nice job for that engine.
Well since you are already using the 10W-30..Just thicken it up a bit with some 15W-50 Mobil 1. A (25%) aspprox will get you into the higher 30 wt viscosity range. I do that with my Toy Truck. I realize this goes against conventional wisdom but you are adding mixing completely compatable oils and are merely "adjusting" viscosity. Just another "non-expert" opinion. [Cheers!]
Chris: I think I'd be as concerned (if not more so) with what all that trailer towing was going to do to my ATF. Going to run synthetic fluid in there too? Got a tranny oil cooler?
Towing.....equivalent work load of a boat engine......I'd have to vote with a diesel oils on this one, like the 15W-40 Delo's. If you scan some more on the board, there are a lot of folks who use it on their boat and truck engines, even though they are gas engines. They seem to swear by it.
The truck has a tranny and P/S cooler.I'm running dino oil as I change it every 3k/3mos.The Delvac 1300 seems to be an excellent oil,so that and the heat we occur here in Florida are reasons I'm thinking of switching.
Yes it's still under the factory warranty,however the heat in Florida,and with towing,I think warrants the 15w40.I'm not concerned about Chrysler rejecting a engine failure claim,if this 4.7 fails with 15w40,it will do so with 10w30 as well.To be honest,I don't remember what the book says on oil usage,other than 10w30 covers the broad spectrum of temp ranges.
Chris, If you want something a bit thicker, I'd just run the Mobil 1, 0w-40 or the Amsoil 10w-30, both of which meet the ACEA, A3/B4 specifications for high temp/high shear viscosity. The Redline 10w-30 would be another good oil to use, if you can find it locally. I don't think you want to use a 15w-40 in this case ...I'd stick with an oil whose additive chemistry is optimized for use in gas engines. They generally do better in terms of resisting the kind of high temp oxidation/nitration that you see in this sort of application. TooSlick
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