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Sep 20, 2003
AB, Canada
Where I live, Redline is "on sale" for $12.00 Cdn This compares to $6.98 Cdn for M1, and $6.66 Cdn for GC. Delvac 1 is $8.50 Cdn per liter. While opinions may vary as to how good (gold?) Redline oil is, one cannot argue with the fact that it is VERY expensive... [Eek!] Is it TWICE as good as the above mentioned oils?
Redline has been famous for a long time as a racing oil. As far as I know, it is still used a lot in auto racing, unless (with all that money) people have gone to special formulations for each race. As far as I can determine, still one of the best racing oils, unless people have gone beyond it. According to what I have been able to find out, Redline gear oils are still great, even if the motor oil is becoming dated. But as a street oil I think there are some concerns. It is expensive ($7.00-$8.00 a quart), not available just anywhere, has not shown real good UOAs at this site in general (although some UOAs with Redline are great), and does not have the API starburst symbol. However, for a very long time, I have wanted to try Redline. Even more so then Amsoil (I actually did try some Amsoil, but it was XL7500). People say that it keeps engines clean and that engines run real smooth with it. Someday, I do want to try it.
The reason why Red Line sometimes doesn't give exceptional UOA numbers is because not one lab can correctly analyze the oil. The formula is a secret, and there is no way for the analysis companies to calibrate their equipment. Also, if you do a UOA after only three or four changes with Red Line, you'll still see slioghtly elevated wear numbers. This isn't because Red Line is protecting less, but it is because Red Line has superieor detergents that clean out all the gunk from previous oils. Just because a product doesn't get API certified, doesn't mean its a shady product. Red Line has been around for a long time. It is a respected company. I've used their products in my cars/trucks and have seen nothing but improvement in overall performance. Red Line motor oil will quiet down the most noisy engines more so than Amsoil, Mobil 1, etc. I'm sold on their products.
mf150, I totally agree about the quieting down of engines. My engine has never sounded so good, honestly. I've always been skeptical of people saying that a certain oil can make that much of a difference but it's true. I'm hoping the results look good.
Originally posted by mf150: The reason why Red Line sometimes doesn't give exceptional UOA numbers is because not one lab can correctly analyze the oil. The formula is a secret, and there is no way for the analysis companies to calibrate their equipment.
Your're kidding right? I thought only the oxidaton numbers were screwy all else are normal additives.
RL should increase the TBN though for what you pay for it. It's only 8.25 new. [Frown]
Curious as to how people feel about Redline at this point? Still have mixed feelings or do you think it's still a superior lubricant? I've seen some "back and forth" ideas and opinions on it.
Spector, The kid is still in school ...cut him some slack ... [Wink] Oxidation is really the only parameter about Redline that's difficult to test from what I've seen. Tooslick
Any FTIR is difficult w/RL. E.g. soot/solids,Ox, Nit... Also Blackstone has said the mega dose of moly makes Spectrograph difficult to read Al. Had this confirmed elsewhere as well. That said I'm not a Red Line "apologist". Just got my new order of cases of 10w and 5w-30 and they had the new bottles. As one example now it says "excellent film strength" instead of "highest film strength available". At least it still says "highest cf available". Also 10w-30 says 25% thicker bearing viscosity than MOST petroleum 10w-30. The MOST was not there before, IIRC. Secondly both say formulated to meet requirements of B5-02 and A5-02. Why not B3 and A3?? The "5" is the extended drain high economy spec with <3.5 HTHS. "3" is for >3.5 HTHS. Their datasheet says both are 3.8HTHS so hopefully just a typo.
And buster, that TBN is Blackstone's new method. I just got a analysis back where the TBN was 8 AFTER 5000miles. Method similar to Blackstones OLD method...I think the Dexsil kit is used.
It would be interesting if somebody used Redline in a new car/truck. There would be no continued cleaning of a dirty engine. The UOA should show what Redline can really do.
I have RL 5w-40 in my car right now. 4th run of the oil. Let me know what the consensus should be on an OCI w/UOA. I've gone 5k in the past with a lot of racing activity, and the oil showed stellar numbers. I'm thinking 7k this time around......
Mystic....I have a UOA of Redline from my former car. It was a 2003 Acura. I will gather up the info and post it in the UOA section. Tim
The bottles I have say A3 rated. Tim Z, how come your site supporter icon is so big? [Big Grin] Please post it ASAP. [Smile] My bottles also say "highest available" etc. I don't know of any other oil that would have any better specs. then RL at this point. S2k clearly doesn't. It's HT/HS has been reduced to 3.4.
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