Opinions on Mobil 1 HM for Avalon

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Jun 23, 2010
Our 2002 Avalon with 115k is due for an oil change soon and I am considering using Mobil 1 high-mileage 5w-30 instead of the usual PP. My reasons for switching are these: 1. I have noticed in the mornings on cold starts that a small amount of blue smoke is visible; this is not present when starting the engine warm. 2. I watch the oil level in this car like a hawk since it is the 1mz-fe. The oil level NEVER moves ... it is always on the full mark even with the small amount of blue smoke in the mornings. 3. I have read that the valve stem seal in these engines can allow a small amount of oil to "drip" into the cylinder overnight and result in a small amount of blue smoke. 4. We have had the car for two years now and it has been on a steady synthetic diet with PP being used the majority of the time. The PP is changed at 3k, so I seriously doubt any sludge formation. We religiouly change the PCV valve and when checking the oil on the dipstick it is always a nice honey brown color ... never black. So ... based on the above reasons would Mobil 1 high mileage 5w-30 be a wise choice as it may help swell the valve stem seals? I am partial to the mobil 1 brand high mileage as it is easy to find in stores and combines the high mileage seal conditioners with synthetic oil.
I'm going to be trying Mobil 1 HM as well, my engine is the same as yours 1MZ-FE. I have no consumption either. I'll post back here, once I've done the oil change.
I have a 1999 Avalon I bought new. It currently has 271,000 miles. I started using M1 HM at about 125,000 miles. I had the valve covers off at 212,000 miles and there was no sludge. I change the oil and filter between 7,000 and 8,000 miles. It uses about a quart or better between changes. No smoke, no leaks, and it runs like a sewing machine.
If consumption is low enough that you observe no change in oil level on 3K drains, why even worry about a little blue smoke on start? It likely is the valve guides or their seals, but if it really is minimal and doesn't cause noticeable consumption, why even worry about it? You could certainly try M1 HM and see what happens, but why bother? You could probably also do 5-6K on PP with no problems. I'm just sharing a thought with you, not questioning your choice in oil. Any M1 is always a solid choice, if you decide to go that way.
+1.... on the above. Question....what makes you do an OCI at 3K with PP? That is just a waste of $$, time... and some very good oil. A 6 to 7.5K OCI would be just fine.
Thanks for all the input! We use 3k intervals in this car mainly to keep the engine as clean as possible as these engines are tough on an oil. Using the 3k runs helps to ensure that, if, there was any sludge buildup the oil would dissolve it over the short interval. We absolutely love this car, even though the 1 mzfe can have its issues, it is such a smooth engine. I thought that by possibly using the HM oil, I could head off any further consumption as I have only notice the morning blue smoke just recently.
Go for the M1 HM 5W30....Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Never know until you try it. It's a darn good oil.
Please... save that 3k PP (when you drain it)....and give it to a needy person....so they can run it in their vehicle for another 4k. IMO...at 3k....your hardly letting a great cleaning oil....do its job.
I'd say you're a candidate for a top shelf fuel treatment, or maybe some Shell 93 octane gas, which has more additive than the other grades. It sounds like to me that cleaning the valves is perscribed.
Been using it for over a year on an 02 Camry. Was pretty bad to start with, to the point the car would choke and stumble on an embarrassing blue cloud. Now no stumbling, choking or anything else but there is still some minor blue smoke that nobody would notice.
Update: I put Mobil 1 HM 5w-30 in the Avalon about a month ago and have about 1200 miles so far on the oil. I have noticed that the blue smoke on start up is virtually gone. The engine is very smooth on this oil, however, I have noticed a slight mpg drop on the highway. 27 versus the 29-30 we had been attaining. I plan to stick with this oil for all future oil changes.
I've been running M1HM in my 4 cyl 97 Camry for several years. Although I can't say for sure that there has been a benefit, there doesn't seem to be a downside. And there may well be a benefit.
I wonder when it`s going to be updated to "SN"?. And if it is, will it be as good as it is now? BTW, I noticed a definite smoothness when I ran that oil as well. But had a terrible oil smell while running it. And have no idea what that was all about.
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I wonder when it`s going to be updated to "SN"?. And if it is, will it be as good as it is now? BTW, I noticed a definite smoothness when I ran that oil as well. But had a terrible oil smell while running it. And have no idea what that was all about.
My impression was that the ad pack in the M1 HM product line wasn't consistent with the SN requirements. Because high mileage cars weren't spec'd for SN, this isn't viewed as a problem.
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