Open-Pit grate??

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Oct 5, 2008
Buckley, Wa.
I need help. I am looking for a large fire grate for an open pit BBQ. I can find none anywhere. Home Depot and such only have puny ones. I am needing a grate about the same dimensions as a common interior door. I looked at some metal shelves that looked very interesting. They were the right size but you had to purchase the entire three shelf setup at over $200. All I need is a grate!
Any ideas where to find one cheap?
I would hit up the town dump for old school fridges with removable stainless grate shelves.

What we used to use for shoreline clambakes.
A construction steel supply place that does sheet metal, etc. should be able to get you either the grating used to cover drains or expanded metal mesh sheets.
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Would a sheet of expanded steel work?
Go get yourself a sheet of expanded sheet could get a deal on a couple of partials or miscuts. I did this for my converted Weber Grill grate.
Expanded metal? Thanks for all the replies....I'll look up a sheet metal place and see what they can tell me. I have been looking for an old grate from a fridge or whatever....but the old town dumps are all gone and replaced with 'transfer' stations and recycling hand picking allowed.
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but the old town dumps are all gone and replaced with 'transfer' stations and recycling hand picking allowed.

When I started my short lived home brewing experience, I stopped at a transfer centre to collect some bottles.

Brother and I were in the skip, checking for chipped mouths etc. when a Mercedes and family pulled up, all gawking at us...

Brother exaggeratedly tipped the last few ml of an "empty" into another, and shouted..."A few more hours of this, and we can get pi$$ed !"

Mercedes disappeared really did we.

Best grill that I've seen is a heavy guage wire, 3/4" mesh stainless...dunno where they got it from.
Type "welded wire" into google, looks like there is stainless steel available. We use galvanized welded wire for our chicken houses but cooking on that would be a bad idea!
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