Opel GT to make comeback in 2007

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Jun 2, 2003
Looks like the 2007 Opel GT is essentially a Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky. And that just after the scIROCco (Mark III) was officially announced by VW. Unlike the Opel GT, the scIROCco will be available in NA.
I always liked those "baby vettes". Back when I was in HS there was a yellow GT that sat on a trailer on my way to school... I always thought of buying it and stuffing some unreasonably powerful engine in it.
It's true, the old Opel GT looked like a 3/4 scale Vette! They were awesome (and dangerous) little cars. I see a few here in SF.
I remember seeing them in Germany during the early 70's and thought they were pretty hot.
It seems our OZ friends may get a Holden version, while Vauxhaull may make a version for the UK.
My understanding is the Opel GT is basically the turbocharged version of the Sky/Solstice, i.e. the Sky Redline/Solstice GXP. I don't think they're selling it with the base engine in Europe.
From the link in my first post in this thread: its 260-hp 2.0-liter ECOTEC turbo engine with gasoline direct injection. This accelerates the new GT from zero to 100 km/h in less than six seconds, and enables a maximum speed of over 230 km/h.
The Opel GT was a very popular and beloved GM product. Two thirds of all GTs were exported to the US, where we, just like they do in Europe, still have Opel GT clubs 33 years after production was halted. If you have an issue with me choosing the term "comeback" over another term, so be it.
I remember a fellow had one here, his father was parts manager at the local GM dealer. The headlights rolled over I believe when you turned them on. It was kinda cute but seemed to rust quite badly here in .ca and we didn't see them sold for too long here. Perhaps to rebadge a Solstice and call it an Opel comeback could be argued..... I read in our local paper this morning where DCX was going to source a compact car from China to sell. The whole auto industry has me mad...and scared !! I'm just in a funk I guess, didn't mean to insult you, ..... maybe I have PMS ??!!
When I said "comeback" I was actually referring to the name only. Clearly, the new GT has nothing but the name in common with the new Opel GT. I was being facetious. The new Opel GT will never equal its classic ancestor. Shinoda, the GT designer actually preferred the GT over his other design, the Corvette. GM would be lucky to have a masterful designer like Shinoda today! PS: Oh yeah, it seems you got up left foot forward today.
If I were to have a vette (to actually drive) it'd be a brand new Z06, it even makes a L88 stingray seem like a slug.
Never had any experience with them, but I allways thought the original Opel GT one of the neatest cars on the road as a teen. New one's pretty sharp, but I'll have to see "in the flesh" before real opinion. Well remember disappointment when finally seeing a PT Cruiser after enhanced photos in mags and billboards before actual availability.
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